Whatever happened to Odyssey 5?


Lady of Autumn
Oct 26, 2006
Lincolnshire, UK
We recently found the first series of the show on dvd, and my Mum is absolutely thrilled with it, but she wonders if there will ever be a second series. Does anyone know about any plans for another run?
I loved Odyssey 5 and have the series on dvd. I do wish they would bring it back and with the original actors and actresses, too.
Am halfway through watching this series. Definitely one of those shows that sounds better then its premise. I like the way the main characters are conflicted between changing things that they think went wrong with their lives, and trying to save their planet. My viewing of it is tainted by the fact I know the series was cancelled, and therefore wont be properly resolved.
I wish the sy Fy Channel had continued this series.

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