Spider-man 3 (2007)


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Aug 8, 2007
considering the premis of spiderman 3 was duality.. we all have our "dark sides" why on gods green earth did they use the sandman - especially in this view of little more than a father driven to extreams to pay for his dying childs life saving treatment. sorry but if that was my daughter you'd see me a hell of a lot "darker" than Marko got.

Sooooo back to dualitity - wouldnt it have been better to stick with the original idea and use the lizard??? Peters professor going a little bit jeckal and hyde? ok introduce the symbiote as the the duality for peter (why oh why oh why oh whyyyyy didnt you use the plain old black suit rather than going with a GREY spidy suit anybody who says it was black is colour blind!- such a cop out!!!!)

would have been nice to see spidey scurrying around the sweres in an alien-eske way - but No - lets worry about our box office and make it nicer for the kids to watch.

spiderman 3 - franchise killer in any other terms

p.S - I'm with Steve here.. If I was el goblin junior (skateboard goblin - arggggg!!!!!) I'd be using the buttlers head out back for my basket ball practice.


Apr 5, 2008
Hi Guys, Spiderman3 is my favorite movie.It had the greatest story of all three.The acting was great.It had great action scenes and touching moments.It is a must for any fan of Spider-man or someone looking for a great movie.


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Oct 31, 2006
Much belatedly I finally watched Spiderman 3.

Disjointed plot, too slow, ridiculous in parts. Too many unlikely coincidences; like the black slime dripping from PP onto the psychotic photographer who just happened to be in the same church and just happened to be looking up at exactly the wrong moment.

Too many villains. Too many people conveniently (for the plot) but unrealistically not telling each other key information.

An absurd paraody of Saturday Night Fever... and evil Pete looks like an emo semi-goth who's had his poetry stolen.

Very cartoon like CGI at times.


Redeemed by a very good last twenty minutes of action or so, some good acting, and a quite touching scene.


May 30, 2010
might be a bit late, but they killed venom in this one. i don't mean with the grenade (that was ****!). i mean he just looked like black spidey with sharp teeth. venom is my fav. why did they ruin the character? i loved him in the comics as a huge monster.