Does anyone else get the impression that the writer doesn't know (or hasn't understood) the difference between a nova and a supernova?

And a quote (from memory, so it's probably off) from Arthur C Clarke
"Lord, did you have to give these people into the fire so the light of their passing might shine over Bethlehem?"
I had a feeling someone would quote "The Star".... Yes, I noticed that confusion of terms; seems to be a rather prevalent problem in reporting these days, doesn't it? Makes it difficult with science stories, as so much relies on precise use of terms.....
I have the theory that science correspondents are deliberately chosen not to understand the particular science they are reporting on, to guarantee they popularise it down far enough for the target audience. Occasionally, this can be quite amusing, and now they can post links to some rather less prechewed, predigested version (though frequently don't) just drawing your attention to a possible fact means you can research what it actually was (before mastication) much easier than in my youth.
Main difference bettwen Nova & SuperNova in next:
for fist - different stage of star evolution and
for second - different energy and power characteristics of explosive

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