3.10 : The Return (I)

Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
from gateworld.net

The Atlantis expedition is stunned to learn that a ship full of Ancients is returning to reclaim their lost city.

Anyone else wondering why Linea's trying to take Atlantis? *g*


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Jan 5, 2001
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Anybody seen this yet?? i saw it and OMG it is GREAT!
Maybe the last half hour is half decent, but I wouldn't go that far. They spent 30 minutes saying goodbye to Atlantis and each other in a most exceedingly long drawn out way, when we know a fourth season has been green lighted. I almost fell asleep.

The Lanteans seem much more pompous and arogant than any Ancients or Lanteans we have met in the past. Was that to make us think they were the Replicators? The whole "Previously on Atlantis" part together with the TV Guide synopsis would have you believe that.

As it was it was all McKay's fault again. But if the Lanteans had not been so arrogant they might not need our help again.

They really make the Atlantis crew seem a team, a family - much more than SG-1 - and I like that aspect.


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Jun 26, 2002
Maybe this will be the start of a beautiful friendship if the team are going to bail out the arrogant Lanteans. Of course, it might not be - given their attitude they probably won't be grateful.

I agree with you Dave that the leaving of Atlantis was a bit drawn out. If it was to create atmosphere then they faltered a bit there.

As to the resolution of this two-parter, at least Jack should be glad that Sheppard and the team came back against orders, after all, he went against orders in season one, so can't really complain.


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Jan 12, 2007
Hmm... a bit slow-winded for me. It never really got going, the editing was a mish-mash and the last 10 minutes predictable.

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