Who's your fave BtVS character?

Who's your fave BtVS character?

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Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Who's your favorite character from the show?

And why?

I'll toss mine in - Spike's my overall fave. He's what got me into the show and it has less to do with how he looks than with how he sings. First ep I saw beginning to end was "OMWF" - and had Spike not been able to sing, I dunno if I'd've kept watching. ;)

I like Spike for other reasons, but my brain's a bit on the Swiss cheese side at the moment, so I'll have to come back when I'm less distracted.
I voted for Xander because he always makes me laugh plus, even though he's the "normal" one, he always seems to save everyone else.

My #2 spot would be a fight between Spike and Giles. They too, make me laugh!

Hawkshaw_245 said:
Spike got my vote. How can you possibly leave Faith off the list?

I didn't -- *points* there's an 'other' choice -

I'm just lazy :) - it's a pain to edit the poll a zillion times to put everyone on the list.

And - there will always be someone who says 'how could you forget X!?' - so - there's an 'other' for all the "X" I forgot. :D
Well, I wasn't trying to be too critical. I was thinking in relevance to the story. Faith had been a pivotal character of sorts, spanning both the Buffy and Angel worlds.. Anya was more or less the oddball GF of Xander's.
Ah - but Faith wasn't listed in the opening titles. (Yes, I know Joyce wasn't either, but she was there from the beginning.)

A listing in the opening titles was how the poll was built - plus Joyce. That's why I put 'other' in there - in case non-credits characters were faves.

You'll notice Wesley's not on the list either. Though I *did* forget Cordelia, and she *was* in the opening titles.

ETA: I also forgot Oz - see, I just have brain like sieve
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Joyce was in titles but dont think she got picture poss with or and but def in there for at least 1 series.

anyways chose willow cause she's hot.
ok well, I voted for Jenny Calendar(other character) Cause she's sooo Hot and sweet...she makes my laught too and she doesn't fear anything!!!lol
But number two is Rupert cause he's the best!!! So the best!!!
So Miss Calendar and Giles are fighting the first place!!!! lol
I voted for Spike, because he's funny, scary, devoted, insecure in some ways and confident in others, always evolving, and a frustrated poet. That makes him a versatile and entertaining character.

But if I had to pick one of the characters to hang out with in real life, it wouldn't be Spike. It would be Willow.
I actually voted for Willow, she probably had the most interesting character develoment of any of the characters, otherwise it would have been Spike.

But I really liked all of the characters, it was an unusual show in that they were all in their way major characters.

Although this is a Buffy thread, if we include Angel (the series) I'd vote for Wesley, his character had more depth than any.
I voted for Giles. There's just something likable about his character. He's also English (like me), which I quite like (I like the way he always plays the gentlemen- he's a bit like Hugh Grant in some ways). I also think he can be quite funny at times; especially in that episode where he sings!

If I was to vote for a second favourite, it might be the Mayor, or Xander.
Never been on this sight before but love Buffy. Giles is definately my fave character because he's always been everyones crutch, he's the one that always there. However, Willow is also a brilliant character because look who she was and who she's become.
Buffy! of course! though i occasionally wanted to strangle her myself, i still loved her and her 'i'll win in the end, but i need my witty puns too!' attitude.

Giles, Spike, Anya and Cordelia get special mentions. but GLORY (Glorificus) would have to be number two on my list.
devilsgrin said:
GLORY (Glorificus) would have to be number two on my list.

Really? You're the first person I know of who doesn't hate her. :p

I voted for Giles - Tony Head is fab, and Giles always got all the best lines. I'm a sucker for the dry wit. ;)
little smaug said:
Really? You're the first person I know of who doesn't hate her. :p

I voted for Giles - Tony Head is fab, and Giles always got all the best lines. I'm a sucker for the dry wit. ;)

I liked Glory as well. I think that's my favourite season.
I voted for Buffy....

Giles is a close second
If I was 20 years younger Spike.
Willow is lovely too
Xander is cute and funny
I also had a soft spot for Tara.

You see this is why it was so successfull all the characters had something....even the bad guys.
I went for Giles. I liked his librarian charm but actually knew how to kick arse. He also got to be quite funny in his own british way. :p

Spike's a close second though to be fair.

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