10th Anniversary


Sep 5, 2006
The 10th anniversary of the airing of the first Pretender ep. is on 19 September and i was hoping that you guys will be willing to help with a little project.
What we are gonna do on the 19th is to send emails to FOX and TNT and anyone else we can, and remind them that this is one of the best shows ever and that we are still fighting for a third and final movie.
I have suggested the same idea at every other forum i could find and so far they're all in, so i hope i can count on the support of the members of this forum too.
The addresses that we are gonna use is :

FOX: askfox @ fox.com
TNT: tnt @ turner.com

I know that there are other addresses but i think that we should all use the same ones, i think it'll make more of an impression.
I personally think i'll send one when i get to college, one during break and one more before going home, but some of the other fans are going to set their computers so that it sends one every 5-10 min - but that's completely up to you.
there is a lot of new activity at the Pretender forums since the fourth season has been released and NOW is the PERFECT time to make them give us what we want.

BTW: i also think that we should maybe send annirversary letters to the actors and actress's : just to thank them for such a GREAT show and to tell them that we're still fighting for a third movie.
I haven't seen it myself but some of the other fans told me that the creators say, in the special features of season 4 that the actors are calling them to find out when they are making the next movie. So this way we can tell Micheal and Andrea and all the others that we ALSO want a movie just as badly as they do.

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