Rosemary Sutcliff????

Nice links Nesa.

Along with Henry Treece, Rosemary was my staple diet as a youngster before I ventured into Fantasy.
Mine as well so fancying_fantasy's request was very much a blast from the past.

I read all her books from the British Council on my weekly trips there. They were the old type of hardbacks with the crinkly plastic wrap and they had a smell all their own.

The first one I ever read was The Shining Company followed by Blood and Sand.
I suspect your best bet would probably places like Amazon where you could get old copies or you might get lucky browsing through second hand stores.

Alternatively you might wish to give this place a try. I've been getting books from Brian for over a decade now and he's quite good at coming up with difficult to get books at reasonable prices.

Porcupine Books
Nesacat thanks for the Porcupine site, however by the time I calculate out of the country shipping and then money conversion stuff, I'm going to be spending way more money than my funds can supply right now. If I ever move to the UK though, I'll be sure to order lots of books from him!!!!!! (we can only hope that I'll move to the UK, right) I was however able to order 3 titles from a local bookstore, of course many of her titles are out of print so I don't know how reliable the bookstore will be. But hey I'll just have to order in stages until I own them all!!!! I ordered: The Mark of the Horse Lord, Blue Remembered Hills: A Recollection, and Blood and Sand. I can't wait to get them!!!!!!!
There wer eoen or two books of hers that I didn't like verymuch, but the Eagle of the Ninth was always a great one. Agh I can't rememebr the name of the other book she wrote that I also liked...

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