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Jan 11, 2007
If you are enjoyed them though, you are in for a real treat - I thought the end of DOC was magnificent!
It was a good ending, aye.

Finished Fall of Angels last night, and yesterday Wellspring of Chaos, Ordermaster and Natural Ordermage came in the post to complete my collection. :D

I'll be starting on The Chaos Balance after finishing my Esslemont book - whilst I enjoy the Recluce series, for some reason it's draining. I wasn't even this tired after finishing all seven Erikson books!

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Tim James
Jun 13, 2006
I don't really know. I never read series back to back, spreading them out over months, so I generally come to each book fresh... of course back in the day I didn't used to forget what happened in the previous book quite as much as I do now. (I blame it on the pills not age...;))

Am about to start (Once I catch up on my comic reading) Ghosts of the White Nights by Mr Modesitt. The third in a trilogy, which started with Of Tangible Ghosts, then Ghost of the Revelator. I've been really impressed by these, totally different to Recluce - in style as well as content. The main protagonist, Johann is retired even, so no youth learning his way.

It's set on an alternate Earth where Ghosts actually exist, brought into existence by particularly violent deaths... which means for a start that none of the major wars have happened - who would fight a war if it meant the soldiers who died came back to haunt you in their millions!

Mostly they are spy novels, but well worth a look.

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Mar 18, 2009
I've read Modesitt for many years, i loved all of the saga of recluce, my two favourites being magi of cyador and scion of cyador. There perhaps the most stand alone books of the series as there is very little in the way of links with the other books but i really liked the characters. Was dissapointed with the spell song cycle, battle orchestras and evil monks chanting ?! didn't do it for me i'm sorry to say.
Am watching with interest for his new world and series that is starting with a book called Imager soon, seems to be quite an ambitious project but i'm confident he can pull it off.
I also use Modesitt as a reference for world building due to all his infomation about crafters etc,
On the whole proud to have a full shelf of this author :)