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Blake's 7 References in Babylon 5


Well-Known Member
Apr 23, 2004
Straczynski has said in numerous interviews that Blake's 7 was one of many sci-fi shows that inspired him to create Babylon 5. Based on his comment, I would agree because I noticed two references. The first reference is when the Minbari labeled Sheridan "Star Killer", when he destroyed one of their ships during the Earth-Minbari War. In the Blake's 7 episode entitled, "Trial", Samor (John Savident), who was in charge of Travis's trial, was nicknamed "Star Killer" too.

The second reference is Bester, who always keeps his left-hand gloved. This has a nice Travis touch, however, unlike Travis, Bester's left hand is not artificial, but he's obviously handicapped because he always keeps it in a permanent fist grip. Walter Koenig has mentioned in an interview that whenever he's in character, his left gloved hand is in a fist and he never releases his grip while in character. He said that it was a disability that Bester had for quite some time, but did not go into any details.

I was wondering if Bester's disability was addressed in any of the B5 novels?



Aug 6, 2006
while we're on the subject, how many B5 novels are there? If i get a chance, I'd love to read them all.