help remembering old scifi book pleeeze!


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Jan 26, 2006
I read this book ages ago at secondary school.
2 main characters - 1 an ancient alien entity that dwelt in and fed off stars, the other a human that was cryofrozen so many times that by the end of the book they guy was like 10,000 years old or something.

Neither charater interacted as such, but the alien entity dude did hurl the solar system/galaxy that the human was in away from the rest of the universe, result being that the sky had stars in only one part of it.

Does this book exist or did i dream it?
I have been able to find not one person that has ever heard of such a book and I am starting to wonder if i spent too much time on "recreational activity" as a teenager!
Please help!


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Feb 15, 2006
No, not imaginary ... this is ringing a bell for me.

As I recall it the ancient stardweller species was very paranoid, and they kept trying to kill each other by blowing up stars ... As for the human, he was originally born on earth, but went out to a colony in coldsleep ... Colony didn't prosper; he was frozen, revived when things has gotten even worse; frozen again and revived much latter when the colony had moven into space and expanded; young people in that future society got enthusiastic about terraforming a planet and living on it; he was reunited with his wife ...

I think it's something I've read in the last couple of years ... maybe Frederick Pohl?

Checking my list ... I read *World at the End of Time* in early 2005 ... Now to google for a plot precis ... Found this:

It's the book I remember -- Is is the book you remember?