3.06: The Real World

Highlander II

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Jun 6, 2001
The Real World

includes a special guest appearance by Richard Dean Anderson

Dr. Weir awakes in a sanitarium outside Washington, D.C., and is told that Atlantis and the Stargate program exist only in her mind.


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Jan 5, 2001
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Do all series have to do this kind of episode?

i.e. Star Trek: TNG 'Frame of Mind' & 'Schisms', Star Trek: DS9 'Distant Voices'.

Okay, I realise there is no such thing as a new idea, and this was well acted etc. However, I guessed after only a few minutes "Replicators", but I had to wait until about thirty minutes in to be shown to be correct. I also wonder how the writers think we can have any empathy with a character we all know is going to be back to work as normal next week.

Or maybe it was because there were no explosions, spaceship battles or general mayhem this week, but I didn't think this was a pale shadow on last weeks episode.

And RDA was even more wooden that in this weeks special appearance in SG-1.


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Jun 26, 2002
A relatively inexpensive episode to shoot, I guess. Not much in the way of plotline, but still not bad.
I too guessed the whole Replicator plot early on. Guessed that the shadowy figure was Sheppard the first time he appeared, as well, I think. The whole not-quite-O'Neill thing would have been better had it not been given away so early, though.

But yeah Dave, I think every series has to have one of this kind of episode. It's a tradition, or an old charter or something.


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Jan 12, 2007
It was ok. Not total pants, but not very good either.

My biggest problem with it was that it was completely unoriginal and a total rip-off of other shows as has been mentioned above. In recent years both DS9 and Buffy did this storyline so much better.

But it was good to see RDA in it.

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