3.01: No Man's Land (2)

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Jun 6, 2001
No Man's Land (2)

Two Wraith Hive ships have captured Dr. McKay and Ronon and are on their way to Earth. It is up to Colonel Sheppard to rescue them and figure out a way to stop the Wraith from reaching a "new feeding ground".


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Jan 5, 2001
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Re: 3.1 : No Man's Land (2)

Don't you think this was a boring episode for a Season opener? Has Stargate finally 'jumped the shark'?

I'm getting bored with the Wraith now and a little confused. Why are they called 'Hive' ships? They don't act in a 'hive'-like manner - not in the same way as social insects do, or 'Star Trek' Borg do. They each act for themselves. Michael acts purely out of self-interest not out of the interests of the Wraith.

Granted that that could be the retro-virus causing that in him, but then we have seen other Wraith fighting over 'feeding grounds' and such, so they each have individual goals too.

Sheppard survives by latching his 302 into the hull of the Hive ship because he saw it in a movie once. Was this movie 'The Empire Strikes Back', when the Millennium Falcon latched onto a Star Destroyer?

Weir is called back to Earth to report to the IOA committee in one of those very boring B storylines. It sounds as if this is set after the Ori attack shown in SG-1 because Earth has no ships to spare. No one seems to be too worried about the twin threats of anihilation from the Wraith and the Ori and it is business as usual down at Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

They release the retro virus on the Hive ship (should have seen that coming) but it only seems to affect the male Wraiths. Rodney says Beckett apparently predicted that, or was it instead because she was the 'Queen' Wraith of the Hive? I guess we will have to wait and see.


May 5, 2006
Re: 3.1 : No Man's Land (2)

I thought it was a pretty good episode. The virus thing was a bit lame and obvious - as was Michael in some parts. I thought the splendour of the battle with the whole galaxy as a backdrop looked pretty awesome! Beats the purple nebula things that always crops up!



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Jan 12, 2007
Overall, I'd say this was a passable episode. I loved the space battles, but the story left a little to be desired, in my opinion. Teyla had no role in this one. She has no place in the chain of command, so she shouldn't have even been in the control room, let alone run the place.