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Jan 26, 2002
*******************Possible Spoiler********************

OK people...I just did a search on Google of "Louanne Katraine Battlestar" and I got the following result.

Role, Viper Pilot, Battlestar Galactica. Rank, Lieutenant. Portrayed by, Luciana Carro. Louanne Katraine is a Humano-Cylon ...

I cannot find anything else hinting or confirming this but it has me nearly as excited as an episode.

Any thoughts?
Really? I love Kat, she's so hot! ;) The idea of her being a cylon is interesting. Where did you acquire this knowledge?

I did a search a google search on "Louanne Katraine Battlestar Humano-Cylon" and the only result I got was this thread!

What site was the hit from?

I guess it's possible, they could have more sleeper agents aboard the Galactica. I don't recall anything that indicates it's likely though (stuff like the drug addiction actually makes it seem a bit less likely to me) and there are some more likely candidates.

Did Kat appear in the one year later flash-forward? I don't know if she's on the colony or on one of the Battlestars at the moment.
Huh. When I googled her name plus Battlestar and Cylon, the first hit said:

[SIZE=-1]"Portrayed by, Luciana Carro. Louanne Katraine is a Cylon agent ... " and gives the link as

But when I went to the wiki, I couldn't find that line. Do you suppose someone posted it and someone else deleted it, but Google cached it in the meantime? Or am I just missing it on the page?

I would, indeed, be cool. After all, she killed Scar--Cylon against Cylon!