2.19: Inferno


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Jan 5, 2001
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Dr. McKay must save the team when they are caught on a planet with a super-volcano and there is no visible way out.
They find another Aurora class Ancient ship intact which they call the Orion.

Shepard: And were not calling it the Enterprise!
We discover that the the Pegasus galaxy is populated with clones. Kevin McNulty was Dr. Warner in SG-1, Brandy Ledford was a Tok'ra babe.

And after the events in 'Michael' there is now a Wraith Hive ship on it's way to Atlantis. Though if it is only a single one I would ask WHY? They managed to destroy one last time, but three would finish them off. As was the case last time, they have three weeks notice of it's arrival on the long-range scanners.

Hopefully, the new toy has some weapons. I'm not sure why the inhabitants never switched it on. All McKay did was wave his hand. And doesn't it need a ZPM to fire weapons? And how come it was just handed over? The leader didn't seem convinced we wouldn't attack him. They must be related to the Genii.

I was annoyed with Sky One for talking over the ending about what's coming on next. I missed about 10 seconds of the end.


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Dec 30, 2000
Good episode, and it was great that they found the Orion. Definitely need it. It was great to see Brandy Ledford(Doyle) as Norina. It was hilarious to see McKay and Sheppard around her. A shame they only use her as kind of bait between the two. She could have do much more with that character. All the thing with the volcano and the doubts of the Chancellor of the motives of the Atlantis team was a good story, very entertaining.

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