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Jan 5, 2001
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Using the Ancient communication device and its stones, Vala takes over Daniel’s body at the SGC and recounts the story of what has happened to her since she was transported to the galaxy of the Ori. She is married and mysteriously pregnant, and she warns the SGC that the Ori are gathering ships and armies for a massive crusade to rid the Milky Way galaxy of its evil unbelievers.

Finally, they begin moving towards an Ori confrontation. You can see the pieces of the jigsaw moving into place for the Season's climax:

The Ori have created a new SuperGate as we predicted. Vala will be present on one of the ships in the Ori Fleet. I'm not sure what the Ori have in store for her with her miraculous conception. The Russians are to be given a ship in exchange for the Gate. And SG-1 are off to (belatedly) look for Arthur's Mantle, the anti-Ori weapon.

After a very slow talky start, quite a lot happened this week.
Well hopefull this new weapon that they will find will kill all the ori, all the bad followers, zap Ba`al who has now become the new replicator allowing the franchise to finally close...

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Great episode. It was interesting to see what have happen with Vala in the galaxy of the Ori. Also it was great to see Michael Ironside as Seevis and Tim Guinee (Strange World) as Tomin.

The first scene of the episode when Vala in Daniel's body goes looking for Mitchell in the men's locker room was just hilarious. :lol: Specially when Mitchell see the flirting coming from Daniel and not Vala.

Also enjoy all the thing with General Landry and Chekov.

Originally posted by Dave
I'm not sure what the Ori have in store for her with her miraculous conception.

In Gateworld they mention that Vala's baby will be a new enemy.

It would be interesting to see what comes from that.

Krystal :flash:
Peace and love, I think isn't going to happen soon. :alienooh:

specially is the wraith also are coming to the galaxy. Although maybe not till the 10 episode of Season 10. I don't know if the Ori are going to be destroyed, maybe the baby will be a leader or something for the crusade. I suppose he will grow fast to do that.

Krystal :p
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