9.18: Arthur's Mantle


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Jan 5, 2001
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Mitchell and Carter are sent into another dimension after activating a personal cloaking device. While Daniel leads an investigation to find his missing teammates, Mitchell decides to use the technology to his advantage when a similarly cloaked assassin attacks the Sodan.

The device came from the site at Glastonbury. Apparently, Sam has been working on it in her spare time. She really ought to have some hobbies - what happened to her motorcycle?

I liked the episode, it was a great one for Teal'c, but all the obvious nits have been covered before when this idea of being shifted out of phase has been done in other series. I remember the same things being said in Star Trek TNG 'The Next Phase', like how can they still see and hear when people can't see or hear them? Why don't they sink into the ground? And in this, how can Mitchel travel through the Gate?

It was a little convienient that Gate travel was still allowed into the Sodan planet but not out, because of the removal of the control crystal, but a much less contrived storyline than recent outings.

Since Mitchel could travel through the Gate, that opens up the possibility that all kinds of 'out of phase' things could have been coming through to us all these years without anyone being aware.

Also the details of this new weapon to kill ascended beings was sketchy, but obviously, one of the points of this episode was to slowly introduce it. Who thinks we will see more of it before the Season cliffhanger?

It was also a pity that they wiped out the Sodan after only just introducing them. What was the point of that?
I was happy with the moving to another dimension line, I must admit I was expecting the SGC to ge tover run by some killer "thing" and only Mitchell and Sam could save the day, yes i was wrong!!

Anyway Tealc who now thinks hes in a Matrix movie hunts down your man and gets Mitchell as a shadow cos he just cant stand there and wait!!

Entertaining but again this is kids stuff then the finale is the the finding that ther eis an ancient killing weapon.

Oh man did they just find the win button for the Ori?

Please tell me they didnt get a 10th season?
Great episode, I definitely enjoy it.

Originally posted by Dave
It was also a pity that they wiped out the Sodan after only just introducing them. What was the point of that?

I have to agree, I really like this group. I can't understand why they eliminated all the Sodan with the exception of Lord Haikon. They could easily make a great loss situation but not extinction. And is a shame because they definitely have a potential as a group in Stargate storylines.

Except for that part, that was a shock. The episode was really good. I enjoy the interaction of Teal'c and Mitchell. And all the situation with Dr. Lee trying to solve the mistery and later getting Daniel out of phase too. It was hilarious.

Krystal :p

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