2.17: Coup D'Etat


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Jan 5, 2001
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Right from the begining, I was wondering how the A and B stories were going to tie together. This certainly had a few unpredictable twists in it. Another thumbs up!

I would like to know what it was made the Genii the way they are. They seem to trust no one and cannot believe that anyone might just want friendship with them. Maybe they will change now. Atlantis certainly doesn't need any more enemies with the Wraith to fight.

One thing though, even though I couldn't predict the ending, I knew that ZPM was depleted, right from the start. I don't understand why they didn't ask for it to be checked out by McKay before they began any negotiations.

And a second thing, Weir was originally said to be some brilliant UN negotiator. She must be losing her touch, because she looked completely lost at one point in this; when Sheppard was about to be shot, after she declared War.


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Dec 30, 2000
This episode was awesome. It was great to see the Genii again. Interesting to see how they were able to take samples of the gene and reproduce it artificially. Is going to be interesting is the new alliance with the new Genii leadership is going to last. :D

Krystal :p

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Aug 22, 2000
Finally they bring the genii back. A good plot twist, however the good guy who became the bad guy then only became the good guy becuase they SGA cured his sister???

Again a solid plot falls on its face!!

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