9.17: The Scourge


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Jan 5, 2001
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I believe this was much better as an 'X-Files' epsiode!

SG-1 must babysit three representatives of the International Oversight Advisory (I.O.A.), and Richard Woolsey (liaison for the Oversight Committee) on a tour of the Gamma Site, a scientific research facility located off-world. The SGC has its presence their in the form of F-302s and a secured Stargate. One of the projects of the scientists of the Gamma Site are burrowing bugs which were sent by the Ori. On planets where the Lucian Alliance grows the highly addictive kassa corn they they are effective in destroying the crops, but when, due to scientific curiosity, they are given meatloaf the bugs become carnivorous and extremely deadly. The Gamma Site self-destructs, the Odyssey releases a payload of a deadly neuro-toxin to the planet, but SG-1 and the IOA members escape through a combination of Sam's ability with radio communications and their sheer luck, which as ever, they have no shortage of.

With their ability to be beamed away from every deadly situation, at the very last minute, by a newly built intergalactic spaceship every single week, there is now a serious problem of believability. That is something which always drew me to Stargate.
This episode was very good. I specially enjoy seeing Woolsey and the other representatives experience one of the missions of SG-1. Especially when they were seeing the safe side and complaining of not been shown more critical things. They definitely have what they wish for and more.

Krystal :D
mild kids entertainment...again with a hint of maybe just possibley interference from the Ori.

Man eating bugs, for crying out loud!!
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