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9.16: Off The Grid

Discussion in 'Stargate SG-1 Season 9' started by Dave, Feb 15, 2006.


    Dave Wherever I Am, I'm There Staff Member

    Jan 5, 2001
    Way on Down South, London Town
    SG-1 investigates a planet whose main crop is the highly addictive kassa, but their biggest problem is that they’re held prisoner on the planet with no way to escape because the Stargate appears to have been stolen.

    A number of things disturbed me about this episode. The Lucian Alliance spend hours holding SG-1 instead of looking for who really stole the Gate. Then when they do go after Baal to retrieve the Gate they destroy his ship without getting it back. How could such an incompetent organisation gain so much power?

    They brought back two fairly week villains, three if you could the Lucian Alliance.

    SG-1 twice escape death but for a matter of moments. Even my 10 year old son can not believe this is possible.

    Last week, I wondered what the financial repercussions of losing the Prometheus would be. Absolutely none it would seem, they can churn out new ships with new fully trained intergalatic Captains within a week. Hello, Odyssey!
    RangerOne SG13 SOR

    RangerOne SG13 SOR Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2000
    Yes the remote went for a quick flight across the room when suddenly Landry goes "get me the Odessesy" "shes ready sir but Iwouldnt want to get in a fight" YAAAAWN!!

    How many times do they want to have an episode where Ball gets killed. It wont be long before we have, electrocution from a radio in the bath ormaybe falling off a ladder while changing a light bulb or not wearing a seatbelt etc.

    Oh and the crazy new "matrix" style of holding weapons and patrolling skills using mdedium range sights when doing close quarter combat on sentry rifles that only hold 20 round mags!

    This is starting to turn into a kids show!!
    Brit Chick

    Brit Chick Ooh look - shiny things !

    Jun 25, 2001
    I have to admit I have taken to watching Stargate while I'm doing other stuff - paperwork etc - it just doesn't seem to need 100% attention all the time now in order to keep up with the plots - I agree some eps are getting predictable

    But its been going for 9 years, don't shoot me, but maybe its time to hang up the P90's (or whatever the guns are, i don't know guns, I'm a girl!)

    X-files didn't know when to stop and much as I loved that show it should have ended a couple years before it did.

    I think with the new total class act sci fi shows around like battlestar Gallactica maybe its time......

    Just my opinion of course!

    McHorde-Trooper Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2002
    At least this was a non-Ori(sp?) story.

    But it seemed off.

    The whole preview of the trouble they got in was poorly set up and . . well . . stupid.
    Why not just show it from the beginning?

    AND how did they get away from the low level Luchian(sp?) people.
    It's like they cut out a whole scene because they didn't think we'd notice it wasn't there (or they were too lazy to film / written it).

    I liked the way the General set up Mr. Gluttony Cakes with a virus.

    And I liked the little scene with the 101 Baal's.

    Sure they needed to tag some of the gates, but it was dumb that they worried about getting all the gates. Gates should survive the explosion of a starship, right???? So, why worry so much about it? Why not just get a few and leave?
    Nick 0208 Ldn

    Nick 0208 Ldn J/T Shipper

    Jan 6, 2004
    First things first, i was disappointed that Prometheus was replaced so easily, coping with just one would've made it a bit more interesting.

    The dialogue between SG-1 about who would be better as a prospective buyer was amusing.

    And Neroos or however you spell it got done like a gooden by Gen. Landry.

    I was initially pleased that Ba'al was back because a bit of original Goa'uld angle to the series might not hurt it but then how it played out was poor. It would've been better if Sg-1 were stranded on the ship, not just a repeat of how Daniel escaped from Apophis way back when.

    And how did the Luchian Alliance get their hands on all those Ha'tak motherships? Are they just lying about empty on former Goa'uld worlds up for grabs?

    So all round, not as good as it could have been.

    Nick, :cool:

    Krystal Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2000
    This was a good episode. It was good to see Ba'al but I still don't like the clones bit. I would prefer one Ba'al but not to kill him because he's more or less the representation of the goaul'd at this moment. And Simon's could act in explosive situations, he have show it in Stargate before. I really enjoy the interaction between Landry and Nerus it was very good. Also the interaction between Nerus and Ba'al , love the fun moments between the two.

    That was one of the best of the interaction between Landry and Nerus. Very smart move of Landry and Nerus can't believe it. :D

    The first time they present The Lucian Alliance I think it was an interesting faction, they show an impresive capacity of ships etc. and some technology. I was waiting to see the development but this never happen. So it would be interesting is they do it know, because it have potential. Specially now that there are just a bunch of goaul'ds out there. The mercenaries was more like the low part of the chain so it will be interesting to see the real Lucian Alliance, the big shots.

    Probably, since now there are only a bunch of goaul'd out there. I suppose most have been adquire by the Jaffa but probably have to be planets with lots of goaul'd technology for grabs.

    I think Stargate have a lot of potential to deliver, they have great talents and great writers. And there are not exactly too many scifi shows around. There are no more Star Trek shows, and is a franchise alternative to the people that aren't hook up with Galactica. I always say the more the merrier. And Stargate is a totally different franchise with a lot of fans around the world. So I say bring me more and spin off. They're not dead yet.

    Krystal :p

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