Feb 12, 2006
in the first superman film Clark's father dies. Someone told me that smallville are stiking to this and are going to kill him offeventually. i don't think it's true but could you shed some light on the situation?:blush:
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I've no idea, but moving your post to the Smallville Forum where someone may be able to help. This Forum is meant for questions about the software and our rules and such.

I had heard about that in passing, but I wasn't too sure if they were intent on actually killing Clark's father on the show. It will be extremely sad if they do though. I'd hate to see him go. Not only do I like the character, but the actor isn't bad either. ;)

I'll keep a look out for any information on the subject though.

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Surely it would be better to wait and see how the show develops than to be told what happens and recieve none of the surprise of watching the show
Ah, but some people like to know what's going to happen...I'm the same with Lost, I don't mind reading threads that talk about season three, even though it's not on in the UK yet. I to be prepared, and to know if anything exciting is coming up soon!

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