2.15: The Tower


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Jan 5, 2001
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The team happens upon a society which has a throne chair to combat the Wraith and a Royal family made of those with the gene to activate it. Unfortunately, the bloodline has begun to deteriorate, but the family finds hope in the form of Lt. Col. John Sheppard and his strong Ancient gene.

Atlantis redeemed itself with this episode. It was original and thought provoking. Maybe the whole 'princess in the tower' thing was going too far, and the court poisoner too obvious to be true, and the poor villagers too put upon to be believable, but you could image such a society developing. I certainly didn't forsee every twist in the tale.

I like the idea that there could be other Atlantis' out there waiting to be discovered. Not only does it solve the 'lack of drones problem' for Atlantis, but the 'limited Puddle Jumper' one too.


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Dec 30, 2000
The episode was good, the thing with the other Atlantis like building was cool. And the society problem was interesting, not mind blowing but interesting story.

Krystal :p

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Aug 22, 2000
Another lets introduce democracy to Pegasus Galaxy!!

I didnt know that Bush ran Atlantis HAHAHA

So they freed the oppressed villagers and got some drones taboot, well thats just great!!

Shepard got the girl (kind of), McKay got to moan and do the technical saving of the day, and Ronan got to kick some butt and kill some bad guys.

Tea and medals all round!!!!


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Apr 24, 2002
An interesting aspect to this episode is that now the Wraith have another potential source for getting the technology that they need to make there ships able to reach Earth.

So, what (if anything) will Atlantis do about this? Did they even consider the issue?

I enjoyed seeing another Atlantis (did it have a name?) after all it is an amazingly beautiful set.

I liked the fact that they were able to re-supply there ancient tech inventory. This should aid in the believability department and throw off those people who have a running tally of lost jumpers.

The ending did surprise me a bit, but at the same time it was a bit cliché.

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