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An episode to please those who want the Ori developed, although none actually appear. Continuing the run of sequel episodes, this follows on from the eighth Season episode 'Icon'.

Jared Kane asks Daniel for help in preventing the Rand Protectorate from committing genocide against the Caledonian Federation by using a weapon the Ori helped them build. Daniel attempts diplomacy while his teammates arrive in orbit onboard the Prometheus with the intention of destroying the weapon.

Things never run to plan but shock of all shocks, they actually destroy the Prometheus, killing it's Captain and half the crew. How Sam escapes is never explained because it was quite impossible.

A diplomatic solution is supposedly reached, but then in the end the whole idea seems futile as the Rands and Caledonians return to conflict.

They should have destroyed the weapon when they had the chance. I don't understand why Daniel couldn't see that at the time. Only the stand-off made the diplomacy possible, as soon as the weapon was safe again no agreement matters.

There must be some repercussions to the SGC regarding the loss of the Prometheus. There is still the Daedalus, but the cost of the thing must have been enormous.
Originally posted by Dave
There must be some repercussions to the SGC regarding the loss of the Prometheus. There is still the Daedalus, but the cost of the thing must have been enormous.

Yes i was going to ask about that.

So there's only one Prometheus class ship left at Earth's disposal and for its defence now right?

Whilst there were at least two ships it worked fairly well, the Daedalus based out of Atlantis some of the time or on a run between there and Earth. Prometheus at the service of the SGC/Earth and roaming around our galaxy.

The effects of Prometheus' destruction will surely be felt in Stargate Atlantis too you would imagine. Like the Daedalus returning to Earth indefinetely.

As soon as Colonel Pendergast said he was staying behind, his days were numbered, but how he died and the rest of the crew but Carter got out is a bit of a mystery.

But with the diplomatic settlement in mind, at least enough of one for the SG and Earth peersonnel to return home, i take it that the Ori designed satellite is till in orbit and fuctional? Unless it was somehow destroyed in the following battle?

All that said, if there is tenth season, i think we might see the Rands and the Caledonians again.

If we're not going to see all that much of the Ori first hand in our galaxy, i wish they'd written in more episodes of the Sg-1 and the like on actual Ori world's undercover or otherwise, instead of just dumping Vala out there and leaving it at that for most of the season. :( Not good IMO. Could've, should've, done better plot wise in that regard i would say.

Nick, :cool:
Great episode, and this people continue fighting each other. :D Interesting how the Ori come between them. It sure make easy prey for the Ori with their constant battle.

I definitely don't enjoy the destruction of the Prometheus, it was a shock, and definitely a set back for the Tauri.

But I totally enjoy the episode. :D

Krystal :p
Well I had mixed feelings.

Once your man came through the gate with a tale of "it was all ok but know they are going to wipe out each other i need your help" I started to keep the TV onin hte bakground while idid other things like....sort out my sock collection etc.

So Daniel pops off with his "good intentions" while the backup plan, which should of been themain plan to blow the stallite out of the sky was hatched.

Bang on time Daneil and freidn was arrested for "crimes against the state" siad from the mad despot himself.

Then Promethues arrived and I must admit I was as usual blinded with teh set the asgard mutha f*cker shield to maximum while we blow this baby to kingdom come!!

So imagine my suprise when the satallite came online and blew straight through the shield!!

OMG!! but wait Sam is on board she will have thi sfixed in a a jiffy maximise the shield by 1 million percent and fire nuclear grade paper cups decimating the satallite.

But wait... NO it didnt happen a 2nd shot again rips through the Prometheus. GO BABY !!! I was cheering kill that ship it has to go!!!

Prenderghast starts his surrender which again suprised me I thought it would be "all gonna fry the satallite or die trying" type stuff.

Anyway not even Sam and her mind boggling scientific prowess couldnt save the ship and not even cameron and tealc could destroy teh Ori satallite.

The thrid and final shot well and truly blew the prometheus up KABOOOOOOOM

They left a little cliffhange in that did Sam get off or not? Dont worry after the commercial break she came casually strolling into the command bunker of the opposing territory.

What followed then was a cock and bull story of taking out the satallite but then striking a deal only to be double crossed then triple crossed and then quadruple crossed leaving every single poor soul dead?

Oh well just another day at the SGC.

Did I say thank god they blew up that piece of junk and poor excuse for a storyline ship?

Prometheus LOL the whole series is a tragedy
Edit: Woops looks like I accedently added some stuff that was meant for another thread. I'll have to be more carefull with my copy-n-paste MS Word Spellcheck thing.
- - -

This story felt . . I don't know odd.

The direction / acting was more reminiscent of a movie than a TV show. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Things seemed to be happening to our hero's when they are usually the people making things happen.

I like the basic premise of the Ori giving people technology . . it makes for a more interesting Ori (but Ori free) episode.

Still these people were less than memorable from there first appearance.

And the resolution of the story was kind of lame.
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