9.14: Stronghold


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Jan 5, 2001
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Members of the Jaffa High Council are showing unusual behavior and an old enemy, thought dead, is revealed to be behind it. Meanwhile, one of Mitchell's old friends is about to die after having saved Mitchell's life and wishes to know about the top-secret work that Mitchell is doing in order to make his death easier to face.

This is like a sequel to Season 5's 'Threshold' but rather slow and clonky. All the analogies to Iraqi elections were cumbersome too.

Baal just no longer cut's the mustard as a villain, he doesn't even believe he is a God himself any more. Did any one else want them to zat him a second time at the end? Please, please don't bring him back again.

The B story with Mitchel's friend and the 'this is what you could have done if you didn't take the bullet for me' plot was even more boring. They could have least have offerred him a Tok'ra symbiote.
So we have the return of Baal yet again but now he has restablished his position of power with the jaafa. Then takes over the high council but alas overstretches himself when he tries to take onthe mighty Tealc.

So Mitchell has a bad day, so bad that he single handedly storms jaafa after jaafa races to the teleport, does the look over your shoulder gag then beams onboard (still running) Zat gun blazing right into the throne room where Tealc was able to fool Baal and followers and kill him?

Oh and some guy gets to use the mind machine with mitchells memory.

A laugh or cry episode, so tired of the "trust" or Baal" stocking fillers.

No Ori....again
I have to agree with another filler episode. The best part of it for me was all the Jaffa and Ba'al thing. Sorry Dave, can't agree with get rid of Ba'al. I think they can still use him in explosive situations and big bang episodes. I think is more the character hasn't been utilized at the right potential. I better like to see him more often but without all this clones, that's just weird. The good part is they can kill Ba'al so many times but is just weird specially now I have the sensation that I don't know who is the real one. :rolleyes:

Krystal :p