Moving Forward

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Oct 8, 2000
Now that Colonel O'Niell is seen very little and, for awhile Sam separated from him to go to Area 51, it seems things have cooled down for them for the moment.

I'm not really a shipper. I always liked the way this story arc was written - a very interesting side arc that did not get in the way of the primary issues of the show. (FYI - if you will take a moment to consider, this is how "Law & Order" has made it through ten seasons - exact same arcs) "Divide and Conquer" had fans jumping up and down, one way or another, and then SG-1 went back about their business, just as Jack and Sam said they would leave it in the room with the "Aurora Chair." (just a little freebie for Farscape fans :) )

Here we are. New team; not always together as the Jaffa have their own rebelliion, now against one of their own as well as an enemy. A new enemy that is comparable to the Wraith and, for the first time in a long time, the story arc re: the Ori taking precedent over all else.

What is next for Sam? Funny and serious . . . What is next for Sam?

I am posting a poll, but I would really like to see what our members think - give it a go!



May 8, 2001
hehe - glad to see I am a majority!

She and O'Neill are already pursuing a long distance relationship all very hush hush of course! (thats what I like to think - and so far all the little hints and innuendos play along with my theory! :);)


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Dec 30, 2000
Well, Mitchell is too good to pass. ;) But, I vote for wait for O'Neill. But I think like
shazstar, she's already with O'Neill in the tiny free time she have. But it was great to see her kind of flirt with Martouf in his return.:lol:

But I have to say, interesting choices in that poll Texane. Specially that Sam becomes the Ori intelligence queen. :eek:

Oh, and I vote bring Zhaan. But I really enjoy her blue self. :D What about Zhaan in blue becoming the Ori intelligence queen. :p

Krystal :circle:


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Aug 19, 2003
Alright It wouldn't let me vote, so I'll just vote here.

I would like to see Landry killed by the Ori and Sam take over the SGC she deserves it. Plus I like a women with power (Dr.Weir):rolly2:
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