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Dec 30, 2000
Offworld, SG-1 is attacked by Jaffa of the Sodan, and Mitchell is wounded in a fight with one of them. Thinking that the Jaffa was killed, the other Jaffa take Mitchell back to their village to be trained for a fight to the death.

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I like this episode a lot, enjoy the story of the Jaffa of the Sodan. And really enjoy the interaction between Jolan and Mitchell.
Also the thing with the Ori trying to convert the Sodan people to their belief.

Krystal :p
If you like seeing mortal combat or a bare-chested Ben Browder then this is your episode.

Me... I was absolutely lost for words when I watched this and realised that it was such a ripoff of 'Star Trek -Amok Time'. Even the writers themselves acknowledged it when Mitchell says "Well done, Bones." I realise there are only so many stories to tell, blah, blah, but they should pay royalties to Theodore Sturgeon for this one.

I also hate it when they introduce some new group, never ever seen before, but who should really have been referenced before. Today it's the Sodan, a mythic group of Jaffa warriors who were said to have gone into exile when they rebelled against their Goa'uld master, Ishkur, some 5,000 years ago. I actually thought the same thing when they introduced the Tok'ra, but you could believe that when they had only been exploring for 2 years. After 9 years, with several great honkin' space ships, very close relations with the Jaffa and a few interrogated Goa'ulds, it is no longer believable.

Nice to see Tony Todd again without the Klingon prosthetics he usually wore in 'Star Trek'. It appears that his Lord Haikon character is going to be a recurring one in 'Stargate SG-1'.
I thought this episode was better than they have been recently, yes it was an insanely old story but i thought it was cute that they acknowledged that.

Also parts of it made me laugh:
Cameron making fun of Teal'c.

Daniel and Teal'c trying to interrogate.

Daniel: "You're kidding."
Walter: "I would never do that, sir."
Having watched The Last Samurai recently, i thought this ep was very......well "Last Samurai" in many ways.

The Ori are cropping up all over the place like Chicken Pox it would seem, no mass confontation yet between their forces and Earth, and the Free Jaffa if they are in a cooperative mood at the time. I mean i know there was the incident with that planet turn whopping great Stargate, but there has to come a time where the Prior's sort of take a back seat [turn Vorta], and send out some feudal army against us you'd think.

Or am i way off the mark there and we won't have pitched battles between Sg teams and the Ori themselves, or will they avhe loyal people's from our own galaxy do their bidding for them possibly?

One further thing, there was a mention of the civilian body overseeing the SGC now [forget the name] putting their foot down.

Nick, :cool:
Originally posted by Nick 0208 Ldn
One further thing, there was a mention of the civilian body overseeing the SGC now [forget the name] putting their foot down.
That was agreed in one of the earlier episodes this season (The Ties that Bind).
Senator Fisher wanted to cut back the SGC budget by 70% and give more to Atlantis. It was decided that current budget would be cut, but they now have the support of the Atlantis international committee funds providing that they assign a civilian to the SGC to monitor all expenditures and have a say in decisions.
The Ori do not want to exterminate all life in our Galaxy, they want to convert it. But they have the carrot and stick approach. Become God-like or die, I think that's an effective argument. They do not want the free Jaffa/ Sodan/ Humans to know about the planets they have destroyed because that does not support their argument. It is better for them to join up willingly than to be coerced.

Maybe once they have enough support (60%+) then we might see the batttles you describe to remove the other remaining 40%.

How would the Nox deal with a Prior?
Another waste of 40 minutes, Dave has said it all really.

I was waiting for the 1 of 4 endings,

1. SG1 arrive in time to save Cameron.
2. A last minute reprive is given when an old long forgotten rule is discoveredwhich says non locals cant fight yadda yadda yadda.
3. They fake the death
4. The missing villiger/whatever returns back toteh group to end the fight before Cameron is killed.

Oh and you dont sit in exile for 5000 years then still live in a wooden hut with a straw roof.

Seeing as this lot still need goauld what are they going to do now seeing as most are now dead?

Maybe we will see them again in the fight against the Ori (it would be a waste otherwise)

So now we are about halfway through and really we have done very little. Not the best way to play it if they want a 10th season!!
As soon as they started fighting at the end, Cam gets cut by the blade and starts to go woozey, I turned to my other half and said - this is spock & kirk, he's drugged him to fake the death, and then minutes later we get the "bones" comment - which I did like as a nod to amok time. Its a bit of a rehash and it worries me they are really running out of stories now

Altho on a purely appreciative girlie basis - loved the barechested Ben Browder ! definately had the phwoar factor

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