9.07: Ex Deus Machina


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Dec 30, 2000
A System Lord is found hiding on Earth, and he threatens to activate a naquadah bomb hidden somewhere in the United States if the SGC tries to go after him.
Love this episode, it was just so good to see Ba'al again. Although I really miss his Goaul'd language. I don't get use to Ba'al the ejecutive. :lol: Also it was good to see Agent Barrett again. The whole thing with Ba'al was just crazy, love the thing with the building being the bomb.

All the thing with the Ba'al 's versions was really weird. That part I don't like much.

All the situation with the Jaffa council and with Gerak was really good.

A very good episode.

Krystal :p
Ok a nice twist with Ba`al suddenly on Earth and running the Trust but again we lose focus on the Ori.

While the whole race/hunt to find Baal was interesting and as usual they create havoc and no one is any the wiser. But which bafoon dreamt up the building made of naquada oh and the solution to "beam" it into space rubbish? They should be dragged out side and shot 3 times by a nat gun.

Oh and the cloning of Ba`al, my god how many loose ends do the writers want just to fill up future episodes, I mean the whole trust thing has been milked to death already but yet it continues. So even if we see Ba`al go down there will always be the possibility of another Ba`al somewhere in storage, probably for season 10+. The idea of cloning him is just plain daft, the very natur eof the guaoldwhy on earth make copies.

Oh and the whole dropping of the whole dramatic voice so kindly dropped int to the plot last week. HOW convienient, well you cant have him go on TV with his eyes glowing now can we.


I have to agree with Ranger on the plot. I'm sure I have seen 'the building is the bomb' idea before somewhere, I worked it out even before Samantha did and I'm nowhere as intelligent as her.

And the clones who are all the same age and have the same personality as the original, how many more times will I have to watch this on a TV show?

And the Agent Barrett shippy moment - "are you single again?" "not quite!" - is that the best they can do?

I think they feel the need to interspace Ori threat episodes with something else. I would hope that it wasn't because they can't think of them, and more because they think we will bore of them, but really, if such a threat existed, would we worry about anything else?

A prominant building disappears, alien ships appear and disappear, men in plate mail with shooting sticks run about the financial districts, a man with no past takes over big corporations and appears in two places at once, and there is a humunguous explosion in space near a huge spaceship that has been in orbit on or off for two years.

There are people who actually believe our world is run by reptiles, but no one in 'Stargate' has come up with a conspiracy theory on this yet? I don't believe it for a minute!
i just missed this ep for the third time :( So i'm kinda glad it wasn't on the Ori. Although seeing Agent Barrett could have been fun... :(

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