9.06: Beachhead


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Dec 30, 2000
When the Ori create a force field around a free Jaffa planet, General Landry orders Carter to use a weapon that she designed against the Ori's forces.

That was also a pretty good episode. It's so cool that Sam is back and SG1 is more or less back together.

Nerus was a bit obvious from the start, surely when a Goa'uld wants you to use the most powerful weapons at your disposal - you don't do it. But the chicken thing was funny.

It was also a nice way to get rid of Vala. :)
At last a fairly decent episode. The Ori thread desperatley needs expanding and it is good to see them finally upping the ante but the plot was very much still predictable.

I mean how stupid would it be to allow the Ori to get such a massive beachead so early on in the start of the next 9 series of SG1 (hey it took 8 to defeat the goauld!) :rolly2: I was expecting some "out of a hat" answer from Sam (dam I have missed my future wife so much :D ) but the Vala saving the sunset again is out of character. This loveable rogue who always is out for helself but then also always does the right thing in the end is such a USA "live the dream" nonsense!! The constant morphing of her character was/has been such a get out clause for the script writers.

Anyway back on track the whole collapsing a planet concept was GREAT, loved it and it really gave a feeling about the power of the Ori but then we know this becuase they are after all "ascended".

However we need to stop tip toeing about trying to save the galaxy (again) with only usual 4 poeple and start to look at how this affects the ancients too. Or is this only going to be explored in the final 2 episodes of Series 18??

I enjoy the interaction with the Jaffa council it is good to see that they have their own agenda and they do not see the Tauri as a devine protector and guardian of the universe. Some nice complications coming up Im sure.

So Sam is back HURRAH !! and as Mitchell says "Getting the old band back together, it feels good doesnt it"

If only they could make the feeling last... oh well !

Enjoyed this more than the last few episodes - feel like we're seeing the massive scope of the Ori a bit more now.

So, is that for Vala or did she miraculously ring to another ship ?

I am really warming to General Landry, still miss Hammy a lot but Landry is good. Loved it at the end where he said you'll be living in a dark room until you come up with a way to defeat the Ori - Nerus said something like what would ever make me feel like doing that and Landry says one word - hunger - fantastic !
I agree this was the best episode yet this Season, but also have to agree with you about Nerus - couldn't have taken long to think him up - and about Vala saving the Galaxy - though I think her solution was good.

Nothing to stop the Ori doing exactly the same thing again on a different planet but building the power up more slowly. There are so many Stargates unexplored that this is a real possibility.
I finally see this episode in the reruns, I have to say that I enjoy it a lot. One because we see the return of Carter. I definitely enjoy the interaction of the team with Vala in the mix, specially Vala's reaction and Carter's comments. :D Two we see more of the Ori, definitely cool and still wonder what they're going to do to stop them since they're definitely clever and the powers they have are amazing.

Krystal :p