Ra...an Asgard?


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Oct 25, 2005
So heres the deal....I'm watching the movie again the other night and I start to think. What if Ra was actually a rogue Asgard who alligned himself with the Gou'uld? I know it's one of the continuity errors between show and movie. But it makes sense to me.

He would be able to declare himself more powerful than the rest of the system lords. Therefore, he would take the highest position. He would have already had knowledge of the StarGate and how it worked. Then he would just transfer his essense into the host.

What'ja think? I'll elaborate more if we get some coversation going.
Or even "worse", a Goa'uld who has taken an Asgard as host...
would make sense. in the film before the bomb explodes in his face his face turns that white colour and you see what was the real form of raa so mabye the boy was a cover like a cloaking shield to disguise himself.:alienooh:
The dialogue in the film says that Ra took the inquisitive local Egyptian boys body for his own... doesn't sound like a "shield"...
good point i will have to watch the film again to see but you have to admit when the white light came from his face he looked more asgard than human or goa'uld. when you think about it more info on raa might clear this up mabye a book or comic. i doubt they would do more episodes of sg1 on raa than the 2 at the end of season 8:alienooh:
if raa is an asgard it must be a ancient asgard maybe a goa'uld in a asgard in a human. strange but could be possible:alienooh:
I don't think Ra needs to be a partly ascended Goa'uld-Asgard. I think you are complicating things unnecessarily.

I don't see why a Goa'uld-Asgard isn't possible if Unas, Humans and partly ascended Humans can be hosts, but if so, that begs the question of why Ra was the only one?

I think that a Goa'uld-Asgard would be a very powerful being, and Ra was certainly something different to the other System Lords, being the 'Supreme System Lord'.

Maybe the Asgard did something to prevent it ever happening again. It stands to reason that they wouldn't wish to discuss it. I always wondered why they never took the Goa'uld threat as seriously as they did the Replicators.

I also realise that this is really just a discrepancy between the film and TV series, the film tends to suggest that Ra was of the species that built the Gates, when we now know that is not the case, but in the interests of Canon and continuity it should be addessed.

Ra being a Goa'uld-Asgard does not completely explain everything about him though, but maybe his transference into the boy's body could be to do with the Asgard conciousness transference that happens when Asgard clones wear out.

'Last of a dying race'... harder to reconcile that. The Asgard were in trouble at one point in the series due to the cloning, but Ra could hardly be the last Asgard.
I kinda like the idea of Ra being a link between the Goa'uld and Asgard. Maybe a few thousand years ago the Asgard were trying to use the DNA from these alien snakes with remarkable regenerative abilities to fix their problems. If they felt somehow responsible for the Goa'uld menace, it would explain their almost parental policing of them.
It's just one of the things about the movie that they changed to make the show. They're two separate presentations in two separate "fictional universes". The Goa'uld in the movie (if they even got named in the movie) looked like that. The Goa'uld in the show don't. It's not the only thing they changed going from movie to series, and it's not the only movie franchise to do so either. (Think of Highlander & Terminator.)
The Stargate Wiki entry on Ra (Ra - Stargate Wiki) states that:

Ra found himself leaving his Unas host in order to take the body of the Asgard Famrir. However, the Asgard physiology began to reject Ra. Worse, in 9,177 BC, he was injured in a battle with the Asgard. Fleeing his Asgard persuers, Ra found a lush world in an alien system; Earth. It was there that he found the solution to the lack of hosts in a race of primitives who bowed to his divinity; the Tau'ri. Transferring himself into one of these primitives, Ra became infused with new vigor and life, soon discovering that they provided a near-ideal host for his race. Planting a Stargate which he had brought with him—the original remained undiscovered in the ice of Antarctica—Ra claimed Earth as his own.

However, as it is not referenced, I don't know how accurate it is.
About the only references on the net trace back to the Wiki page, so it seems to be the source, rather than vice-versa.
Thats the worst thing about wiki everyone can add or subtract to it and turn things into what they want.

We can conjecture all we want, but the simple fact is that Delvo is right no RA connection between movie and show. We started off in one Stargate universe and Gated to another and settled in.

Myself...I like the way it worked out.

Some things are easily explained: the name of "the mineral" (naquadah), the name of the servants (Jaffa) and the pyramid ships (ha'tak, albeit with slight design changes). "Children of the Gods" even covered a number of explicit differences (the use of the non-"MacGuyvered" dialing device [DHD] on Abydos [which now has a name] and of course the larval symbiotes within Jaffa [thus leading to those within Goa'uld [who of course now have a species name]). Apart from the spelling of O'Neil(l)'s name, and that of his son, the appearance of Ra during the explosion is probably the single biggest difference between the movie and the series...
Another is that the Jaffa staff weapons had another feature that the TV show never used. A strike with the fishtail end was enhanced with some sort of energy burst to make it as if the target had been hit significantly harder than it was. (I don't know whether there was a visual effect for this, but I know there was a sound effect.) I don't know why the TV show skipped that feature but kept the fishtail.

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