Anne Rice is FURIOUS!!!

Well done to the woman,the personal opionions and constructive critism of their readers are important to a writer, I know this from personal experience, it helps them to evolve but whatever the person said 2 her must of been really nasty and hit a nerve and I think she retaliated brilliantly, her verbal tirade must of taken who ever insulted her down a peg or two, without wanting to sound cleeshay or 'girl power', Go Girl!!!
Heh, pretty off topic, but, from some random place on the net which I forget, here's Anne Rice as written for kids:

"And then Lestat did some very naughty things to the nun and so she killed herself. Lestat felt very bad about doing naughty things to the nun so he decided he would kill himself too. Lestat went out to the dessert and it was very dark until the sun came up. "Hello!" said the sun. "Hello!" said Lestat. Then Lestat felt very bad, because the sun was cooking his flesh! The moral of the story is don't do naughty things with nuns!"

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