9.03: Origin


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Jan 5, 2001
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9.03: Avalon (part III)

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I'm not a huge fan of the new bad guys.

It's a somewhat logical extension of past history, but that doesn't make it a good way to go.

Personally I would have preferred a less abstract new enemy.

It's interesting how they try to strike a balance between having some non descript belief in God, but still . . .

Oh, there is a possible Hitchhiker's Guide reference.
A story is told about a guy who falls and learns to fly.

In So Long And Thanks for All the Fish Arthur learned how not to hit the ground.
This thread should actually be Titled Origin as that is the episode title. was a fantastic episode also!
The episode was cool, it was just great to see Julian Sands as the "Doci". That was so cool, it was a good surprise. I don't remember him to participate in series before, so it was a very good surprise from a fan point of view. ;)

As always enjoy Daniel and Vala in the episode, I would miss their interaction when Vala's gone. It definitely brings good humor to the series.

As for the Ori, I suppose we have to learn more about them to see what their bring same as what happen with the Wraith in Atlantis. By the way, the Wraith also haven't been explain a lot but their getting there. I have to admit that I miss the Goaul'ds, hope they come back some time since they mention there still some out there. It would be interesting to see a goaul'd trying to be converted to the Ori's way. :eek: Or a replicator against and Ori. :evil: Also it would be interesting to see what the Ancients of this part think of the Ori invasion. Although it probably is I don't care as always. :D

I think they're intriguing I'm waiting to see what will happen when they left the converting part to what they really want as Daniel says in the episodes What is the purpose for what they do? Time will tell as they progress.

Krystal :p
I haven't commented up to now because i thought i'd give it till the end of the three parter first.

I'll admit it, i was a bit warely when i heard they were going to do a season 9 and with the changes to the cast and everything BUT.....

I must say i am mmore than pleasantly surprised. It's breathed a new lease of life into the show in many ways.

If the Ancients we know from before have ascended, i'd say these "Ori" have descended if you get my meaning.

Give me a good ol fashioned Goa'uld system lord any day.

It would appear that the Ori are a bit inexperienced on the whole galactical conquest front, having to start from scrath virtually in terms of their fleet and armies. I suppose that their Jaffa equivalent will be conscripted worshippers with these Prior at the helm. I guess they'll make up for it with their pure evil :evil: mind.

How much of a regular character is Vala [Claudia Black] likely to be do we know?? I'd rather it was more than less, v good addition to the show. Great interaction with Daniel as others have said.

Get in there Stargate! :) :D


Nick, :cool:
I've nothing much to add except that this does mark the begining of a huge change in direction, and whether it is good or not I'll reserve judgement on for now.
Originally posted by Nick 0208 Ldn
Give me a good ol fashioned Goa'uld system lord any day.
They were a great enemy, and I do feel it isn't quite 'Stargate' without them. Also, I've been thinking of episodes I liked best, and none of the Ancients/Daniel ascending/Daniel descending ones rank among them.
i kinda like the ori now, when i read spoilers and such beforehand i was a bit unsure, but i think the mythology of the ori fits well into the whole new look of sg-1 atm, and it will be interesting to see where it goes. i mean i know its very similar to the goa'uld arc but i think it will work well.