9.01: Avalon (part I)


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The origins of the Arthurian legends are examined.
Thanks alot.:) Im so glad SG1 is coming back even with the changes.:)
I am very much looking forward to it. I like the changes that have been made in the wake of RDA's deprature and the stars that are coming aboard.
Yeah I think I will like the changes too. I already have it set to record weekly on my DVR.:)
Thoughts on it?? I thought it was ok myself, though it was still a little on the lighthearted side in many parts - which is something I thought I had read in an interview recently that they were supposed to move away from..
Yeah...I like the new people as well so far. I just hope they give Vala a new outfit to wear at some point. I'm thinking maybe they should have introduced the new characters in one single episode before they expect me to care whether or not they get squashed.
The episode was good, and let us know more about Cameron so we get to know about the character. I definitely enjoy the interaction between Teal'c and Cameron, and of course enjoy the interaction between Daniel and Vala. It still explosive like in Season 8. :p Looking forward to see the second part.

Krystal :D
It's interesting the way the writters playfully moc there own writting.

The Farscape people are alright, but there acting and delivery is the same, just a diffrent script.

I think the writters are doing the best they can do with the show.

It's still exciting:
At the end I was like "oh, man it's to be continued . . "
"but there acting and delivery is the same"

Thats what I liked about them.
So, unless I was sleeping...Jack's retirement, retirement party, team mourning the loss Jack, team wishing Sam had enough experience to take over team, and Bridge's installation as the new General...all happened off-screen?

I KNOW we have all seen these things before in previous episodes...

Just want to be sure I didn't miss an episode.
since I won't get to actually see this episode for a couple more months I was wondering how you find out where Sam and Jack are? and was the ep. any good?
Well.. without spoling anything for you, both Sam and Jack are in it just not "in person" Sam briefly, Jack very very briefly. I felt it was a good episode and that is the general vibe I think I am getting for the others here.
OK then, I'm still looking forward to watching the new eps, but I was a bit worried about all these new cast members!
Originally posted by xaviersxmen
"but there acting and delivery is the same"

Thats what I liked about them.

That's not totally bad, but it's kind of awkward. Farscape was good, but SG-1 is a different show.

Hmm . . but if someone makes a fan fic about Ben's character giving a Malp the name 1812, that would be hilarious. ;)
Just began on Sky One

I just wondered why there is such a shortage of actors. Not only did we get the two 'Farscape' rejects, but we also saw Frohike from the 'X-files'. Then in each advertising break we saw a trailer for the '4400' with Robert Picardo, who has himself been in 'Stargate SG-1', but also 'Star Trek: Voyager'. The '4400' also has Lexa Doig who was in 'Andromeda'.

As for the episode itself: What is the USAF doing beaming down inside Glastonbury Tor on sovereign British soil? Haven't we got our own people to do this?

"We'd better inform the British Prime minister." Oh yes! Like you did when you invaded Grenada. :D

More seriously, the whole thing had 'TRAP' written all over it. It read just like a poorly written 'Dungeons & Dragons' â„¢ adventure.

Vala's character is funny though, despite the costume and I almost believe that Cameron will have to form a brand new team.
I thought the ep was pretty light, which seems a bit strange for an episode which is probably supposed to have some tension, being a session opener and a cliffhanger!

Still lots of stuff that i liked.

General Landry seems pretty cool and i loved his first conversation with Mitchell's and his "outward perfection" :D He also calls Walter "the little sergeant with psychic powers" - that actually made me laugh.

The auditioning scene was pretty funny, with the pushups and the androids and "call me Dave" guy.

"Ladies first" and Vala makes Daniel go first! Okay totally cliched, but still funny.

Jack telling Mitchell he could have "anything - professionally - well not *anything" - just so Jack, i'm gonna miss him :(

But why have they cut the credits to like 5 seconds? Makes no sense. I liked the credits!

And poor Daniel, once again he doesn't get to go to Atlantis...hopefully someday...
I knew there was something under Glastonbury Tor!! :D

Not a bad ep.

I think General Landry will fit in nicely.

Some funny moments but to lighthearted for a start of a new series.

So Merlin's an ancient....not surprised.

Maria's right 5 sec. credits :eek: why the music is part of it.

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