9.04: The Ties That Bind


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9.XX: The Ties That Bind

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Gateworld have info on this episode which comes early in Season Nine here:


*Contains Big spoilers for Season 8 and other early Season 9 eps*
This episode was very entertaining. I just love when every time they get to a place they have to go to another because of something Vala do to that person. That was hilarious. And after all that trouble, they didn't get what they hope to get. :D

Krystal :rain:
I'm reminded of those old Role Play games where you quested for this to get this.

I'm glad it had it's own somewhat original twist to it.

And it had the one guy from Princes Bride in it! Too bad they didn't perform a test of wits :D
I liked this one too. I like her part.:)

PS. I didnt see a thread for the beachhead one. That was the name right?
I'm not sure I liked it that much, it seemed like they were just marking time until the next 'Ori' episode. The idea of the run-around wasn't very original and Vala is becoming less funny as she continues. Teal'c protests about re-joining the team too much. And one man decides that the Ori threat was a figment of Daniel's imagination, wouldn't their be a whole host of committees deciding on that?
I agreed with the committee - Let Atlantis have the funding and the SGC can be around for a back-up support type purpose :D

I didn't think it was that funny - they seem to be trying to hard, especially Daniel whose reactions were way more over-the-top then usual.

The little corridor scene between Dr. Lam and General Landry looked like it was awkward for the actors rather than the characters (which i assume is what they were going for)/

Mitchell's "Good Morning sunshine", seemed way too much like something Jack would say. I think he could be a good character if he wasn't written as a Jack replacement. Even Teal'c noticed!

And at the end of all that, they still didn't get rid of Vala. :(
Hey it might not have been as good as the opening three parter but i'm not that down on it.

But then it's a game of opinions isn't it.

I thought the Senator [Chairman of the Appropriations Committee] was a complete ass, and a short sighted stupid one at that.

I mean, you'd think with Daniel's history and service over the years, it would have created a bit more faith and trust, not to mention respect on the part of the politicians or civilians. In a very similar situation in fact, where as we know another senator by the name of Kinsey laughed off Daniel's claims of immanent attack by Apophis. History as it does, is repeating itself.

The SGC to run on 30% of its current budget is madness, too much emphasis is being placed upon Atlantis, although as said in the ep by Landry and O'Neill, it's a power trip.

You haven't just got the Ori, what if the relationship with the Jaffa went south, Earth would be in the same danger as before, just new faces. Exploring got us where we are today, it shouldnt' be stopped, we've barely scratched the surface.

Damned politicians......:evil:

I think the world needs more Vala's putting it straight to politicians. ;)

The idea of a civilian watchdog, well we've seen it before, not normally a good one IMO.

Oh and the bit with Vala and a Credit Card, maybe Daniel should take her off base some time, but can you imagine the damage she could cause in an hour at place like Tiffany's. :p

I don't know if this is on the cards but it would be nice to see what Vala's life was like before she met Daniel whilst trying to take the Prometheus.

As ever, looking forward to next week. :D

Nick, :cool:

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