Roddenberry, Gene- Star Trek The Motion Picture (Book)

ray gower

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Jun 5, 2001
In general, you should only ever read the book of the film after you have finished reading every bleach and washing powder warning label in the house. It is going to be that bad.

Star Trek books invariably come even lower down the scale than this.

The TMP book shows the wisdom of this philosophy quite well. In terms of coherent writing, it is better than the average Trek novel, just not by much.

As for the story, it has to be admitted it is somewhat more complete than TMP ever was and shows the film in a somewhat different light.

Roddenberry changed Kirk into a rather more manipulative character, whose main goal is to regain control of he Enterprise and may I suggest a lot more error prone.

If you think carefully it all fits rather neatly with the film and helps it make more sense too!

Can't recommend as a literary work. But if you need to make more sense of the film it might be worth a browse