Missed Episodes


Questarian Gaterider P3g
Sep 12, 2003
How do other fans out there deal with missing an episode of Alias?

I missed this past Wed's episode. It's only the second episode of the new season, and I missed it!!! *sigh*

I know the first 2 seasons are on DVD, but when a new season comes on... And this season there isn't a hiatus because they held off showing it in a part 1 part 2 type deal... all that waiting for January to role around and I MISS IT?! :( I'm bummed.
I hate it when I miss episodes in general, but this show? The show where, if you so much as blink, you haven't got a clue what's going on? :p

Tell you what, I'll PM you a synopsis of the ep tomorrow when I'm less sleepy, 'kay? ;)
No kidding. It's not the kind of show you can just watch and "pick up". But, that's part of the great writing that I like so much. The first episode rocked! Three letter people....three letters: APO! :lol:

And, woohoo! Thanks little_smaug! That would be very much appreciated! And greatly at that! :D
Philo mate, you've got PMs and email's switched off. Can you send me your email address? Cos I think the synopsis I've written is too long to fit in a PM. ;)
:lol: Oops. I knew I forgot something. I was gonna change that before I went to bed the other night...

Too long for a PM? MUAHAHAHAHAH *cough* Hehe...

Sending you my email addy... :D Thanks again.

... Back on topic...

So what do you guys do when you miss a few minutes? :lol: I've missed 5 to 10 minutes once and was almost completely lost. It's gonna be a lot harder to catch during credits now that they've shortened it even more. :p

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