Browder from Farscape joins stargate

hmmmm does anyone actualy want this? i mean ok i know he has some fans from farscape but im just not keen on him. although i know they probabaly feel like they need to fill the team up a bit more.
I'm a big Ben Browder fan and depending on the character they give him this could be a good thing BUT if they are going to give us a Crichton clone then I'm not so sure that will fit stargate.

BUT he does Crichton so well and I am waiting for the day one of the studios decide to remake Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Ben has gotta be first choice for that

If they need a new commander for SG1 - which they really do now that O'neill is pretty much grounded, what was wrong with Adam Baldwin's character from last seasons "Heroes" - ideal and anything that gets him on my TV screen is always good !
if your on about who i think your on about i agree he was good
although i think i read somewhere there was going to be flash backs to explain his character. not sure where i read it though.

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