Was Amanda Tapping or Peter Williams in Earthsea?


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Oct 8, 2000
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Hey I read that Amanda Tapping is going to be on that new Sc-fi show called "EarthSea". I think it is coming out in December.

It's currently listed on IMDB as "filming". Amanda is at the bottom of the listed cast, but slightly higher up, for those interested, is a certain snake-head who won't stay dead, paging Mr Peter Williams...

I don't care about the show yet, but for any SG-1 fan, it's a must see. If you ever think when watching a show, "I know that face", this one has got to be the ultimate face quiz for SG-1 fans:

Alex Diakun (Professor Tarek Solamun in "Memento"), Mark Acheson (Vishnoor in "Prisoners"), Dave Ward (Antagonistic Bar Guy[!] in "Nightwalkers"), Alan Scarfe (Chancellor Druhin in Atlantis episode "Poisoning the Well"), Jennifer Calvert (Ren'al in several SG-1 episodes), Mark Hildreth (voices R.J.Harrison in "Stargate: Infinity"), Alessandro Juliani (Eliam in "Scorched Earth"), Richard Side (Guide in "Icon" [series 8]), Stephen Park (bit-part in "The Other Side"), Brad Loree (a Jaffa in "Heroes: Pt 2"), Frank C. Turner (a homeless man in "Desperate Measures"), Tom Heaton (Werner in "Fragile Balance"), John DeSantis (a Jaffa in "Double Jeopardy"), Brad Kelly (as Jaffa in "Heroes: Pt 2" and "Fifth Man" and a different Thug part in "Affinity" [series 8]) and finally Peter Kent (Kintac in "Jolinar's Memories / Devil You Know"). At least five other members of the "Earth Sea" cast were also in "MacGyver", and the majority were in one or more of the usual modern sci-fi shows such as "DaVinci's Inquest", "Smallville", "Andromeda", "Viper", "X Files", "Highlander" etc. It's Canadian open season...

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May 24, 2004
Amanda Tapping was in for a whole 2 seconds. Peter Williams also had a very miniscule part. I would of missed him if my hubby hadn't pointed him out to me and afterwards I looked it up in imdb.com