Ben Browder joins SG1 in season 9!

Interesting news, is going to be good to see it. Both are good actors, so is going to be interesting.

Krystal :p
from SciFi Wire

Amendola Soldiers On In SG-1

Tony Amendola, who plays Master Bra'tac on SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that he's thrilled the show is coming back for a ninth season. "Season nine, go figure," Amendola said in an interview. "I'm completely shocked."

Amendola has played the Jaffa elder, a recurring character, since season one. "These shows are supposed to have a seven-year arc," he said. "They start. They spread. They're enjoyed by people. And by around the fifth year the audience starts narrowing again, and then they're complete. Stargate is unusual, because it started on Showtime, then went into syndication, and then it just exploded on SCI FI. And, really, it hasn't narrowed yet. The numbers are still there. And with the cast changes, it's almost become like Law and Order, which just keeps going."

Amendola, a veteran character actor, added that his character, a mentor to Teal'c (Christopher Judge), will appear several times during year nine. "Last season, primarily, our enemy had been destroyed," he said. "The war essentially ended. And now it's a question of how do you make the peace? And how do you make the peace when you've be warring with each other, as factions, for thousands of years and only came together to defeat a common enemy? Now that the enemy is gone, how do you maintain the peace? How do you create a governance? It's very timely. I've already gone up to Vancouver and done two episodes, and the scripts were excellent. And I'll be going up again in August to do some more work."
With all the character and plot changes some might argue that it isn't the same show. It still looks worth watching to me, though the first few episodes don't look so good. SciFi Channel is going to show them from July 15th. Hopefully we, in the UK, will get them as usual sometime around September.
from Hailing Frequencies #301
The opening credit sequence for both shows will be cut from 60 seconds to 10, allowing another 50 seconds of commercial airspace. We'll get shots of the gates, a few clips from the shows, and tags for for executive producers Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper.

Gateworld has an interview up with Cooper and Wright about the ninth season, which they describe as something to "appeal to fans of the old days." Says Cooper, "Certainly, there's a little more of a straighter take to Season Nine, if that makes any sense. It's a little more straightforward, hardcore Stargate like it used to be, where we're not mocking what's going on in the show."

Wright adds, "When Jack, Sam, Daniel, were in the midst of saving the Earth for time number 73, it became difficult for them not to at least acknowledge, 'This is familiar'....Whereas with the new blood it's a different story. 'Wow, it's my first time saving the Earth! This is going to be great!' And, in fact, Ben [Browder] has been playing that energy because Robert wrote a great deal of enthusiasm into the character."
I'm one of those who thinks there ave been too many light-hearted episodes recently when the show spoofs itself or the characters mock what's going on. So, I quite approve of those changes if they are true.
well, after seeing a few new episodes I have to say........

This is the worst season of stargate sg-1 ever, I think it might be time for the show to end, it will probably be good again once carter comes back, but ben browder is the worst charecter ever!!

I do like valla though she is funny!!!:rolly2:
i kinda like the way ben browder has been written, i know he's just a RDA replacement but he has brought a little of the old style jack humour back from the earlier seasons, which is cool

and vala.....i'm still not sure for some reason i just don't warm to her

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