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I really enjoyed this episode...I'm not sure if it was the content...or the Character Chaya played by Leonor Varela (yum). I won't throw out any spoilers but just know that I watched it 4 times today....there's gotta be somthing to it...
:D Nice!

A feel good episode with shades of the SG1 ep "Ascencion" with Sam Carter but with a happier ending.

Oh and scratch 2 Wriath Motherships!!

I loved McKays reference to Shepherd as Captain Kirk.

"You have 1967 written all over you"

HeHe :D

I'm just a bit confused by the whole Ancients thing now...

Chaya said that she was an ascended Ancient, but originally from that planet. When she tried to help the residents of the planet she was punished. Her punishment being to be mortal again and to remain on the planet. But she said that now and again she liked to revisit Atlantis. Chaya was really Afar; she was making everything happen in a god-like fashion.

That all sort of makes sense, except what exactly are humans?
What are the inhabitants of this planet - human, Ancient or neither?
If Chaya was an Ancient then wouldn't they be Ancients too?
Are we like a kind of feral Ancients, and presumably they are too?
Or are we (if you have the gene present) real Ancients who have just not yet ascended?
If not, what does that make Daniel Jackson?
Why is he so special - he doesn't even have the gene?
Why did Oma Desala choose him?
He broke the rules much the same way as Chaya did, so is his present state a punishment too?
Or, maybe the Ancients choose new members from among existing human populations - Chaya from that world, Daniel from ours, Oma Desala - you need to be chosen to become an Ancient.

One thing that I didn't buy into was Shepherd's infatuation with Chaya. He has been all over Teyla like a rash, but suddenly forgets about her, and she isn't the least concerned. Maybe she's relieved, I couldn't tell!
I thought her punishment was to protect the planet, but she was still an Ancient who liked to walk around amongst humans sometimes.

I don't think Sheppard has shown much interest in Teyla romantically. I remember reading that the writers wanted that to come across but I don't see it. When a guy talks to me and shows concern I don't read it as a green light :p I just don't see any spark between Teyla and Sheppard, though I think they would make a good match. Maybe in a later season.
Hmmm....interesting episode. Just kinda guessed Chaya was an Ancient soon as I saw her.

Did enjoy watching though.

I do agree with Dave though, I thought there was going to be a thing between Teyla and Sheppard and there he is doing a "Captain Kirk"...with an Ancient.....go figure.
This episode was very good, I especially enjoy how Mckay was skeptical of Chaya and try to prove something wrong since the beginning. It have a good story and it was entertaining.

Krystal :p
This was a horrible episode.

What killed it for me is Shepard's lack of thought in inviting someone who they really don't know to Atlantis with out talking even asking. Come on think about the security issue.

Even the most reckless person in that situation, no matter how enchanted they might be, would still think about security issues first.

And then when they got to Atlantis they started blabbing almost every detail.

Think about it. No matter how innocent and friendly a stranger from another planet is inviting them in and giving them info exposes Atlantis.

What if the Wraith were more persistent about interrogating their food?

And what other villain might be waiting in the wings?

Spoiler for episode HOT ZONE
In Hot Zone they found a nanite virus (kind of robotic). That virus probably was not engendered by the wraith. Couldn't a villain capable of developing a nanite virus make a robot that looked human? I would think they would at least think of that as a possible explanation for the lack of wraith didn't touch the planet?

Rodney was pretty off character too. Sure he is a skeptic and sure he doesn't have a lot of social tact, but the way the writers had him hammer at the religious was out of character.

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