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Am I the only one who has seen this episode?
The UK got it this evening.

A virus is discovered that attacks only Humans without the Ancient gene. It is actually a nano-virus, engineered by an unknown alien race (not Wraith). It has a very short period of contagion. They try to use isolation to break the cycle of contagion but fail. Then Beckett has a plan to use a electromagnetic pulse, and Shepherd hits upon the idea of detonating a naquidah generator in the atmosphere.

It was a no location, cheap to make, 'bottle show', but there were some interesting developments:

First, was the showdown between Weir and Shepherd, coming for some time, but still not resolved even here.

Second, there was talk of a new enemy. I have a hunch that we will see much more of this enemy. See this post and it's thread for more details:

I did have my reservations about 'Stargate: Atlantis' at first becoming another 'Star Trek: Voyager' and having a bottomless well of puddlejumpers, naquidah generators and 'redshirts'. ('Voyager' would lose a shuttle and fire 20 photon torpedos each week, but would always get them replaced even though they were 73 light years from home.) Until recently, 'Atlantis' had been doing okay, but they lost a lot of crew tonight along with a naquidah generator (I thought they only had three or four of them, all vital for power.)
First, was the showdown between Weir and Shepherd, coming for some time, but still not resolved even here.

That will have to be sorted soon.....lines drawn etc.

Like you said Dave a cheap one this week but worth watching, mind you I must admit the nanotechnology thing gets boring, although always has scope for a story.

Maybe the aliens who made the nano-virus were just finding a way to get rid of the Wraiths food source??

The rate things are going though, they're going to run out of power and people. Any idea how many actually went there??
At least with Startrek, they could replenish the crew at the nearest Starbase:D
I've been doing some thinking on the numbers issue and this is what i've got so far >>

- We lost 5 perssonnel in this episode.
- Scratch 2 scientists from last week.
- Then 2 members of the security force were shot when the Genni strike team first took control of Atlantis.
- And of course Col. Sumner bit the bullet right at the beginning.

So that makes a total death count up to now of 10, what do you reckon, that sound about right to you? If i had to guess i'd say the total complement of the expedition when they left Earth was between 65 and 75 people at best.

Best case scenario, take off ten which makes 65 and add two onto that figure since Tayla is a member of the flagship team and there is that Genni woman who i can't remember the name of oh......the one whose father died on the wraith ship, you know ermmm, well her anyway; although we don't quite know where her loyalties lie right now do we. ;)

On te power side of things they still have just enough to be remain operational; i expect that they'll either be forced to rough it for a bit, scale back their usage/expansion of the city, find a ZPM on some planet or establish a wormhole to Earth and they send them some Naquada generators.

Oh and i thought this ep was decent enough :), the creators o the virus as Dave said will probably become known to us sooner or later. A good thing too, whereas in Sg-1 there were various system lords or Goa'uld that might cause trouble in the early seasons e.g. Apothis, Hathor, Heruur and so on, here there is not that same variety although early days still yet. I know there are the Genni but surely a long term conflict or division with them would be madness with the Wraith on the loose; the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that logic. So i can't see that continuing without it coming to a head either this season or next.

Nick, :cool:
Another good episode but Im with Dave and I have concerns about the weekly killing off characters and now a loss of 1 of the 5 Naq generators.

I wasn too happy about the blowing up of the generator, I understood the concept but Im use their would of been much more of a danger to life. The next time they do that it will be to destroy a wraith motherships or something and here we go down the road of Star Trek double standards with plot lines.

I was starting to warm to Wier especially after The Storm/The Eye episodes but after this episode she is full of her own superiority and she is a control freak.

She is so afriad of losing her empire, it is so obvious. Her character is misplaced she does not have the experience or assets to run such an exped.

As for the desease well my take is like Steffi as in it is designed to kill off the Wraith food. I thought it was made by the Atlanteans as in a Noahs Ark style restart of the galaxy??

I dont really buy the new enemy and its all a littel too convenient. As for fighting such an enemy it is no contest as Atlantis has no shield and cannot afford to drop EMP pusles fromana exploding Naq Genny everyweek.

So I really hope we do not go down that road.

Anyway not a bad episode some mistakes but overall good stuff especially from McKay


"Tell them I died saving lots of children" tee hee

A good episode, the thing with the virus was interesting specially when they haven't a clue what it was and the people were dying after seeing things. The face to face with death Mckay was really hilarious. The own Atlantis measures to contain the virus was very interesting. And the confrontation between Sheppard and Weir was also interesting.

Krystal :p

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