1.12: The Defiant One


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1.12: The Definate One

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Did no one see this episode last night? I thought it was pretty good, bit predictable with the extra crew members not surviving and all but Sheppard's tactics were pretty cool. And McKay is becoming more of a miltary man, well just slightly. If they lose anymore earth personnel from Atlantis the base is gonna look and feel a bit empty though! They'll have about half the original crew by the end of year one at this rate!

2 questions: Were those yellow bugs the same as the ones in stargate sg1 a few years ago? I assume they didnt hurt the Major because he didnt antagonise them like the scientists did last time.

Also, the poor scientist that died second, is he the same character as seen in sg1, I think the episode was New Ground. The ep were Teal'c kindof loses his sight for a while and Sam, Jack and Daniel are captured and put in cages. Since it was a few years ago and he was supposed to be Daniel's new assistant its possible he could have become a respected earth scientist by now.

All in all, another good Atlantis ep, I think.
ooh that guy did look familiar, it was driving me crazy! Thanks :D

yeah Sheppard comes up with some really great ways to kill things :D Sheppard and McKay had some good interaction - especially the "this is why parents don't teach their children to drive" bit :D

And again with the Star Trek references - "everyone remember where we parked" and there was another one which i've completely forgotten now :(
Question: Shepherd, McKay and two 'Redshirts' called Dr Abrahams and Dr Gaul go on a mission together. Guess who's not coming back?

They find an Ancient orbital weapons platform only twelve hours journey from Atlantis, but they ignore that instead to go visit a crashed Wraith ship. The Wraith ship might have interesting technology, even though the Ancient weapons platform had technology that knocked it down.

They get buzzed by the yellow bugs, but we learn nothing more about them and then the bugs get destroyed.

They find a superstrong Wraith, but we never get to discover why it is superstrong.

I'm not sure it was such a good episode. Also, Shepherd talks as of he's been on many Wraith Hive ships before, yet we have only seen them visit one in the pilot episode.
Not a bad ep. but as mentioned references to Startrek, you just knew right from the start who was not coming back..

The bugs? used in sg1.

Very predictable, it didn't have you on the edge of your seat but it was watchable.
I cannot help chuckling to the obvious Star Trek links as seen by all.

The 2 extra guys, poor blokes!

The defiant Wraith v Shepherd was very good, especially when he took a hit, that added a little more tension to the plot.

I was dissapointed they let the second guy kill himself to release McKay that to me was rather pointless.

The Wraith`s ability to survive must of been down to the fact he said he had fed off his own crew, so eating other Wraith must make them stronger??

It was obvious though that the Wraith would die at the last minute to weapons fire from Ford.

A better hand to hand combat from Shepherd would of been good to see.

As for the little alien flies I think it was Prodigy on SG1 Series 4 with young Haley (who has never been seen of again).

The flies here though were a distraction for the Wraith (Hey a few thousand years of popping flies is hard to give up!) Allowing Shepherd to take cover.

Overall though very enjoyable, good stuff :D


EDIT** Oh and Dave the episode is called The Defiant One, not The Definate One :rolly2: hehe
Originally posted by RangerOne SG13 SOR

As for the little alien flies I think it was Prodigy on SG1 Series 4 with young Haley (who has never been seen of again).

She was seen again, episode was called Proving Ground, where they were training young recruits. Maybe she just hasn't finished cadet school yet. Not one of my fave characters anyway.

And maybe the Wraith didn't die, just got blown far away by the blast... unlikely but you never know!
As for the little alien flies I think it was Prodigy on SG1 Series 4 with young Haley (who has never been seen of again).

She was in one other episode where she - and some fellow recruits - are tested by SG-1 to see if they make it to active duty with a SG Team. Where they simulate a foothold scenario?? She may pop up again from time to time in passing as a member of another SG team is my guess.
That was Prodigy and yes Monkey the later episode in Series 5 was Proving Grounds. But we havent seen Haley since. :)

Anyway we are going off topic...


Proving Grounds just happens to be on Sci-Fi right now, so we are seeing her again ;)
From what I recall, Sheppard went on a Wraith ship in "Underground", So he's been on 2 ships that we know of.

We haven't seen Haley again since Proving Ground, but we saw Elliot again in Summit and Last Stand, and Grogan in The Sentinal.
This was a really cool episode, the Wraith and Sheppard interaction was really great.
And McKay definitely have been changing since he face a wraith to help Sheppard, something unimaginable before. :lol:

The poor bugs, that was cruel. They kind of make friends with Sheppard of course because of the ration. And he uses them as an distraction to the wraith and explode them. I hope is there are more like them, they don't hold it against the next people they encounter. Maybe becoming like killing bugs. :lol: I have seen too many monsters movies.

As for the Star Trek references, Mckay tells Sheppard Who he thinks he is, Kirk? That was really hilarious.

Krystal :p
It wasn't a bad episode, which surprised me since the basic plot has been done before more than a few times in fiction. It was enjoyable.

Just in case . .
I find it hard to understand why they didn't go in with more people from the begining.

They think they found an Ancient's satellite or orbital defense thing.

Wouldn't they think to at least send a few troops to secure it?
Or better yet two Puddle Jumpers one filled with troops the other filled with a few troops and some basic bulky scientific equipment.

I hope they get back to this hanging plot thread sometime.

I mean just exploring it could be a cool episode.

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