1.11: The Eye


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1.11: The Storm, Part 2

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Waiting. What more can be said. :D

second part of The Storm

I thought this was an exciting conclusion, and there were a couple of twists I wasn't expecting.

For a start, the Sora was not as easy to turn. She didn't actually help them until the final minute of the episode, after she had fought blades with Teyla, and when the Genii had already lost. I think that Commander Acastus Kolya was only wounded as he fell through the Stargate, so no doubt he will return.

Major Shepherd is a dark horse. He might need to cut his hair to meet regulations, but he is good at this special ops stuff as he fights the cat and mouse game with the Genii soldiers. He killed 60 Genii in total (though the shield took out 55.)

"I'm a medical doctor not a magician" -- that is straight out of classic Star Trek. Since they have mentioned watching Star Trek before, was it meant to be a joke by Dr Beckett? Just it was said seriously and no one laughed at it.

And Ford finally got some good lines and action in this episode:

Ford (on Shepherd): He'll be the dot killing the other dots.

Beckett: Are you telling me to shut up again?
Ford: Again.

And McKay stands in front of the gun to protect Weir. Weir even comments on it. I don't think you can say he is a coward after that.

I wasn't expecting this to be a very good episode, but IMHO it was one of the best so far. And the actors and actresses must have worked hard. Weir and McKay were drenched in water for almost all of the episode. In real time, I expect that must have been days on end.
yeah, it was a good episode. And as you said, the characters all seemed to grow up - Sheppard, McKay and Ford. Pity Beckett still has a way to go - does he have to complain about everything?

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Sora now. Weir mentioned giving her back as a sign of goodwill, but Kolya doesn't strike me as the kind of person to take people not following his orders lightly.
Re: second part of The Storm

Originally posted by Dave
I wasn't expecting this to be a very good episode, but IMHO it was one of the best so far.

Agreed, what a cracking episode.

Shepherd to Ford: Your not gonna need that (Wraith stun gun) shoot to kill!!

Teyla to Sora: If you want to fight this way Sora, I will win, you will have avenged no one!

Oh yes take off the fluffy slippers and kick some ASS!!

I smack my wrists for thinking this was going to be the same old plot line.

Some great CGI too with the storm etc.

It will be interesting where the story heads now, whether they can make peace with the Genii or have another battlefront to face.

SG1 just sucks compared to Atlantis.

Big smiles from me.

I agree this ep turned out to be a lot better than expected. The fight between Sora and Teyla was exiting.

Whole episode great..no more I can say:D
Screenshot of the Atlantis shield during tsunami.

I have bigger makes a great wallpaper :)



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This was a great episode, very entertaining and funny. We have a bit of everything, good special effects, action and funny moments. I really enjoyed how Sheppard play with Commander Kolya, and also enjoy seeing the interaction of Weir and McKay trying to gain time. It was interesting to see Dr. Beckett involved in a military action. That was hilarious.

Krystal :p
I don't know if I just had low expectations of Atlantis going into it, or if it is just that good to me, but I am finding the series quite entertaining so far. Seems like they did a fantastic job with casting.
I thought it was an OK episode, with a few good parts but not as good as The Storm. There were just too many boring scenes, waiting around in the Jumper, McKay and Weir stalling, ect.

I hope we see Sora again. Erin Chambers is SO CUTE!

Sort of strange that there's a big Tsunami in these episodes and the same fury of nature recently ravaged Asia. The episode where wrote and shot FAR before the disaster happened, but I just find it strange how life imitates art.
I thought it was really rather good--one of the better of the eps they've shown us so far IMO.
The effects were pretty cool, and the characters all had something to do. I especially enjoyed McKay this time around.
I think The Quote of the ep for me is...

"What would McKay do?"

That just cracked me up. :D