8.19: Moebius, Part 1


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one of my favourite eps in ages!! Daniel and especially Sam were so funny. Does she need glasses? Did she join the military originally cos her mother died? I can't remember.

Great seeing Colin Cunningham again. And Colonel Samuels had a tiny part too. Wouldn't Hammond have retired if there hadn't been a stargate programme though? And Ra could have a different host then maybe, so they can show him then.

Homer the boat!! did CJ get a vacation during this ep though? Probably tied in nicely with production schedules. This episode is why I love stargate.
Back To The Future (Part I)

Daniel attends Katherine Langford's funeral. Her niece gives him a pendant that belonged to her aunt, and asks if she can send on a few more bits and pieces. A room full of boxed artifacts turns up at the SGC. Amongst these things Daniel finds a drawing of a picture that no longer exists, it having been destroyed in a museum fire. The picture shows a ZPM.

They know the site where the picture was found. But the site has been scanned for ZPMs. They do know that one was there once, back in 3000BC, but Ra must have taken it with him.

So, they decided to use the time-travelling Puddle Jumper to go back and steal it. All Jack has to do is "think" the right time period, but amazingly (to me at least) this works, and they even arrive with identical outfits to those that the natives wear. Teal'c dresses up as a temple guard and steals the ZPM, and they are on the home run...

At this point I thought that this was a most unlikely story, but I do like time travel and AU stories and it is well worth watching the rest.

When they get back to the Puddle Jumper it has been exposed. If they interact with the Jaffa and kill any, they will change the future so they decide instead to do nothing. They must remain in the past, but they can still send the ZPM to the future, by placing it in an Osiris Jar along with a video recording....

Skip forward to the future... An alternate future where Katherine Langford's father never uncovered a Stargate because Ra took it away with him, Dr. Daniel Jackson's theories are still rubbished and he never translated the hieroglyphics. He teaches English to foreign students but thinks he ought to be doing something more.

Sam Carter checks articles for grammar and factual errors before they are submitted. She wears frumpy clothes and is afraid to confront her boss.

Jack owns a fishing boat called 'Homer' and charges by the hour.

Hammond is still in charge of Cheyenne mountain and Major Davis has a moustache. Rodney McKay is the science researcher at the base. And Kinsey is President.

After watching the video the Air Force recruit Sam and Daniel, but Jack tells them where to go.

Sam and Jack realise that they could change their humdrum lives if they stay and help recreate the Stargate program, but realise that once Daniel gives them the location of the second Gate their usefulness will expire. They try to encourage Jack themselves, but give up when he doesn't believe their far-fetched story.

The Puddle Jumper was found near the Osirus Jar, but it cannot work without Jack. Keying the DHD buttons has no effect it seems, but Sam cross-references the times with seismographic readings from the Antarctic and determines the location of the second Gate.

Once they tell Hammond and the Gate is brought to Cheyenne mountain he tells them that their work is over. They can go home...

But how can our Jack, Daniel and Sam ever get home; now trapped in the past, their futures have been vapourised by something they did that caused a time-shattering chain-reaction. Can they patch it up? And where is a Delorean when you need one?
This was fun - I am also a huge fan of time travel and AU eps so this appealed me. Sam explaining to the guys why they couldn't just take the jumper then go forward and then back to cover the mistake was be reminiscent of BTTF 2 - if you change the present you are in now, the future you had before may no longer exist - paradoxes all over the place.

The alternate versions of Sam and Daniel were so funny, frumpy Sam - nah don't really buy that. Was Amanda Tapping pregnant by the end of the season and they needed some baggy clothes on her - I wonder

Can't wait to see how they fix it - I wonder if its going to involve the AU versions of Jack, Sam and Daniel using the newly discovered time machine going back to a time to prevent Ra from taking the stargate so that it can still be discovered by Langford, thus letting the timeline in this reality continue on the same line as the one before - but then how does that help with getting them back - it could make your head explode. Oh well we'll find out next week
I think they will have to fix everything in the 2nd part in order to set things right/back on track. That means that they will have to find a way to wipe out the entire alternate timeline all together.

That is going to be interesting since so much seems to have changed in the alternate timeline.
Ok so its the last time the team will be together so lets have some fun.

I can deal with that but...

Overall it was OK, I was looking for Mr JFOX and his delorean at one point !!

It started off pretty well until it changed to the new alternate time line, everything kinda went a little too tongue in cheek.

Sorry but I just did not buy it, and the "dont you think you were supposed to be something greater" oh come on!!!

However it was good to see Major Davidson again even if he did have an "El Gringo" moustachio :rolly2:

Jack and his boat with more Simpsons homage, Im sure they are doing all they can to get SG1 on a future Simpsons show!!

I am sure Rah would of figured out that the ZPM would be a power source regardless of whether he could use it.

Looking to next week, how did they tell the new SG1 what day they travelled too seeing as they could not accuratley know when they had arrived.

Hell Im just getting madder, well next week better be good otherwise they have wasted the last 2 episodes of the original SG1 before it becomes Fargate in Series 9!!!!


Originally posted by RangerOne SG13 SOR

Hell Im just getting madder, well next week better be good otherwise they have wasted the last 2 episodes of the original SG1 before it becomes Fargate in Series 9!!!!


Not Starscape? I think that sounds more likely :p
Originally posted by Dave
Just think, there was a universe where they never made that TV show at all!
And others where Martin LLoyd was the crack military officer who led the first team through the gate against Ra on Abydos, and others still where he was the geeky Egyptologist who joined the team and cracked the glyphs. And more amusingly there are others where he's a high-flying officer who only joins in the middle of the briefing for the mission a year or two later after the gate room is attacked....Marian LLoyd!

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