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This will be the 90 minute episode aired if all goes to plan (otherwise it will be 90mins on the DVD).


Gateworld have the details on what looks like a very special episode indeed.

Dont click if you dont want to SPOIL the plot!!


'Threads' consists of three (or four) overlapping plots. I guess it must be okay to spoil now? It was just shown tonight in the UK on Sky One.

I have to say that it wasn't the most gripping of episodes, but it needed to be 90 minutes long, because it did pack a lot in. Everything follows on directly and naturally from the previous episode 'Reckoning part 2' and it could really have been called 'Reckoning part 3'

There is a final explanation of the part-ascension and power of Anubis, together with Daniel's previous ascension. It is also the ultimate Jack-Sam shipper episode. The obvious pain that Jacob was in last episode is explained. And the Jaffa rebellion reaches a conclusion.

So much happens, and so much changes by the end of this episode that I was left quite speechless. Definitely a turning point for the series, I just hope what follows on now can be as good.
It was one of those all about us episodes, very little action, but lots of interplay.

And Sam certainly has problems, perhaps heightened by the loss of a number of people that are close to her (father and Daniel).

Mentioning Daniel. Can somebody tell me how many times he has died now?
He springs back to life so often he really ought to have a spring on his rump and call himself Zeberdee!
A lot of things make a lot more sense now re Daniel and the ascension thing - and Nuby being able to exist on both planes, that was a bit of a twist.

I'm not the most ardent Sam/Jack shipper but was glad to see some acknowledgement between them of their feelings - and the fishing on the dock was a nice touch.

BUT I can't believe Jacob/Selmak died - I just loved the character so much and I'm afraid to admit there were tears !! he was one of the best guys on the show always with the humour and the sarcasm to rival Jack - I'm gonna miss him!! But I guess in the SG world just because you're dead don't mean we won't see you any more - Daniel being classic case in point!!
Originally posted by ray gower

Mentioning Daniel. Can somebody tell me how many times he has died now?
He springs back to life so often he really ought to have a spring on his rump and call himself Zeberdee!

LOL. If i've counted right this was his seventh time! (And that's not including the times they only thought he was dead :D )

But i loved Jack's response to it: "I'm not falling for it this time" :D :D :D

Again not a Jack/Sam shipper but i did have to awww when he's comforting her about Jacob's death.

The last time we saw Pete, he was actually a decent character but then they had to go and make him into an idiot again, so wasn't really sad to see him go.

BTW: They've now gotten rid of both the replicators and Anubis. Who are they gonna fight? :D
Well not quite the special episode I was expecting but it was entertaining.

90 mins long though and not really that much happened which was rather suprising in that we got a sense of hum drum same old day type stories.

Even the unfolding story of Anubis using the machine had no tension with it, even when they set off the auto destruct in the SGC you knew it was all going to come good in the end.

The episode did live up to its name and it closed off many threads that have been running for the past 8 years. It is very much an indicator of up coming change.

Sam and Jack, Why o why o why have they kept this alive. What was so wrong with them both having different succesful love interests. It all had to end with them kinda together or on the road to being together.

Jacob, his death ties in with the defeat of the Goauld. that will see the last of the Tokra. Their job and Jacobs is done so its goodbye from them.

Tealc, It is obvious from this episode combined with some pre season 9 chatter that his days with SG1 are numbered, and to be honest his story arc had to end. This is another indicator of change for series 9.

The real story was the acsension of Anubis. Daniel in the cafe with Oma. We had to take a scenic route, they dance around the plot so many times it was getting a little boring. The pace did pick up later with the big fella and the jaw dropping moment was time just right.

I assumed that Oma brought Daniel back to defeat Anubis but I was very very wrong. In the end she did what she should of done at the start and took him out. By this time we only had minutes left in this episode so a dramatic ending was wasted. We should have seen more of the confrontation between Oma and Anubis and the after effects with the anceints etc.

Daniel then of course took the ascension bus home and arrived at the SGC in his birthday suit!! Even that was played down.

So it all ended with them fishing!


Series 8 game over (except for a bit of fun), all plots closed ready for a complete change for series 9 !!

Good summing up!

Originally posted by RangerOne SG13 SOR
...even when they set off the auto destruct in the SGC you knew it was all going to come good in the end.

I have to agree that while no viewer was going to believe the SGC would actually go Kaboom, it could have been directed so that there was a little more tension there, and so that the actors themselves seemed to actually believe it possible.
There are 20 episodes leaving 2 after this one.

The game over refers to the story arc of series 8.

A bit of fun and a link to series 9 is all that is left.