8.13: It's Good To Be King


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a brilliant episode for the most part but oh PLEASE!!!!! give me a break!!! a goa'uld mothership destroyed by 2 'squid rouckets'?? thats rediculous!!!! but hey it was good to see O'Neill off world again!!
I think the most important question is....

What happened to the Puddle Jumper?, one minute they are talking about flying it through the stargate, then they are flying it in space, yet at the end they walk through the stargate with the ship no where in site :(.

Please dont tell me they think we are supposed to just forget about it.
When i saw the title and read the episode write up on Sky I had flashbacks to Season 1 "Teh First commandment" but no it was actually good stuff and fairly original.

As Jack came through the gate,

"Dam Ive missed going off world"

So have we fella welcome back.

Good to see more on the Goauld, that has been teh biggest failing of Season 8 as in we have had very little Tauri Goauld plots.

Suddenly everyone can read ancient!!! That is a MAJOR plot flaw sorry but it is.

The puddle Jumper, at first I thought we were gonna have some time travel melarky going on. Glad to see they finally stopped Daniel pressing buttons at the wrong moment :D

When are the first primes gonna learn to just kill Tealc on sight with 20 staff weapons, cos hes only gonna kill em if they dont hehe.

As for the ship fighting scene, hmm yes the plot would of had more credability if the ship had been able to fire a lot more ammo rather than some lucky shot.

And yes the ending, although it was very good the question of the Jumper.

Where the hell is it??

Did they have to leave it to continue the "time Line" or did they take it back.

I bet they dont even mention it next episode, a Star Trek reset moment as usual.

But it was a good episode and Jack in the stand off was excellent, good to see him out and about having fun!!

More of that please :D

yeah i noticed that, but maybe they plan on coming back later and picking it up ;)

otherwise it was a good episode, felt like Stargate again, and it was great to have Jack as part of the team :D Plus Maybourne is always fun.

Oh but when did Teal'c stop trying to convert Jaffa to his cause and just start threatning to kill them instead. :D
As soon as I saw the write up that Maybourne was a King, I thought ....hurrah!.... we may get a good ep at last and I was right.
It was good to see Jack off world and I'm sure the puddle jumper will come to light again.

i heard that there might be some time travel later on this season, maybe its because of the jumper. also i did wonder where it was. does it have a dialer in ship if so is it different to the ones in atlantis??
The plot is a sci-fi staple, but it’s something I wonder about. Would technological knowledge or knowledge of future events make you so powerful?

Technological knowledge is nothing without the resources to manufacture the technology itself. We all know how to use electronic equipment but could you make a computer or a TV with “stone knives and bearskins†to use a Star Trek quote. Even knowledge of Pure Science is useless without the ability to apply it. You may understand Chemistry, but can you refine the chemicals you need, or blow glass equipment? If the Puddle Jumper had not been conveniently left behind they would have still been in deep trouble.

Also a great ruler needs to be a good leader, not a technocrat. It’s more likely you would instead become the King’s Wizard – a kind of Merlin figure to King Arthur - itself another sci-fi staple.

At least here, the story about Maybourne being able to read the prophesy made it a little more believable, if you can believe he learnt to read Ancient so quickly, and the speech about ‘plans for the new watermill, medicines and the code of laws’ showed Maybourne does have other qualities. And to begin with he was shown as more of an honorary figurehead than a real King.

If the locals knew about the prophesy from Maybourne, then why were they not expecting the arrival of ‘travellers from off world’ to help them defeat the Goa’uld? They seemed surprised to see SG-1 at the beginning.

Why has Jack stopped quoting ‘Wizard of Oz’ and started quoting ‘The Lion King’ – ‘It’s good to be King’?

Also, can all Jaffa read Ancient inscriptions now? That must have been quite a literacy programme to have to organise! And during a war too! Or are Aries Jaffa just better educated than the others? The First Prime even knew what Tau’ri weapons sounded like.

And taking on a Mothership with a Puddle Jumper – that was brave!

Does this mean that the SGC now has a working Puddle Jumper?

Are they leaving King Archos on the throne?
for the last 2 questions,
they probabaly have a non-working jumper as they had to rewire the power source
maybourne is still king

also i think most jaffa should know the sound of Tau'ri weapons by now.
I doubt all Jaffa can read Ancient but it doesn't take much understanding to recognise a language and they must have been told about the threat the Ancients posed from Anubis' reign. If their Goa'uld masters would trust them and not mind admitting they aren't all powerful that is!
This episode was really good, it was cool to see Maybourne again as always. And it was cool to see O'Neill in a mision again since he become General. It was interesting to see a puddle jumper in Stargate SG-1. :D

Krystal :p
Wow. A lone rider rides into the ghost town. This place is pretty much abandoned, btw.

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