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8.12: Gemini

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Sam's evil twin shows up, and the big twist at the end is - she's evil! Wow, would never have seen that one coming. She disregarded Jack and Teal'c's warnings and trusted her way to easily, was obviously gonna end up paying for that.

I'm trying to think of something positive to say, but there weren't even any quality Jack or Daniel 'moments'. Except they mentioned they have another hyperdrive capable ship now, and might get to visit Atlantis, that could be cool. :D

Oh and in the 'simulation' or head-game or whatever when Fifth had her invade the SGC to shed her of her past life, replicator Sam killed Daniel and a couple of airmen without blinking but paused on Jack - that was kinda sweet.
Hands up if you saw that coming... No Sam put your hand down!!

I was a little suprised how obvious the plot was, especially as it gave you updates through the episode.

Sam was very out of character, the blind trust really annoyed me.

So now we have the replicators going overtime, well good lets have some cracking episodes.

Maria touched on how the Evil Sam paused on Jack, I reckon that will be her achilles heel and I wouldnt be suprised if she came back for him to either make her own copy or to have him as her king :)

Only a small link to Prometheous leaving to Altlantis which I think is the next episode.

Is Series 8 on a budget?? How many proper off world mission stories have there been?

I've nothing to add, except that I was surprised at how much Sam seemed to like her 'evil twin'. Usually, these stories have the character hating the double, and if it were real life, it is difficult to like someone who shows you all your bad features and personality traits.
What's happening??

Why trust evil sam so easily?

Will they now loose the trust of the Asgard?

Apart from that, I have nothing else to add either, apart from...

What are they doing with Jack??? at this rate he won't be General for much longer, his character has lost all depth.
Finally new episodes here in the US!!

Sam I think was taken in by her evil twin. She seemed like she really trusted her and I think it was a little out of character. Overall it was an ok episode.

I wonder if during the filming it was when Michael Shanks wife had the baby. He was only in it that short bit right at the beginning
I agree about that it was a little strange to see Sam accept so easily her other version and trust her knowing it was a replicator. Besides that it was a good episode.

Krystal :p
I agree that Samantha would never be so gullable and trusting of a replicator. And Jack would be even more distrusting. Hammond would never have allowed the replicator to come through the gate. And what was with meeting her at the Alpha site? I thought that was supposed to be a secret base! Giving the address to a replicator, well, they might as well tell all the Gould too! I assume they will move the Alpha site now. The second they found out she was a replicator they should have closed the gate and locked out the coordinates. End of show!

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