Who said that?

Cat Feral

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Jul 30, 2007
Hello, I posted this question on another thread, already, but I figure the more I can spread it around, the more likely I am to get an answer:

My question is sort of backward, from this thread. It isn't "who said that?" but "what was said?" In the episode that takes place on Friday, 13th, Piper burns some sage in the kitchen of the place she works, to get rid of evil eminations and general bad luck (and ends up setting the smoke alarm off.) Does anyone know the words to the incantation she chanted while doing this? Does anyone know if it's a real Wiccan smudging chant?

But to show I respect the topic of the thread, how about this: "Insert joke here!" (Okay, I don't remember the title of the ep, but if you can guess the context and who the character was speaking to, it should count, right?