Episode 1 Season 1


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Apr 24, 2002
Now that ABC Family is showing Smallville I had the chance to see the first episode (which I thought I saw, but didn't).

I knew Smallville had a different continuity, but I didn't realize how
different it was.

I didn't get into this show right away.
I think for the most part I've caught up, but I guess there are a few episodes I haven't seen.
Try to catch all the first season episodes, they had some interesting characters that was changed by the kyrptonite.

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The show is very intelligent one of the Best animated show.
I have watched all the episodes of this show.
Smallville's great! It's one of my favorite shows. For me, it captured my interest more as the seasons progressed. Much of Clark's high school years occupy the first few seasons and I was really happy when the show started to take on more adult themes as he and other cast members matured.

Enjoy, it's fun to watch!
I agree with Odie. It started as Clark's younger days before he got the powers, but now (in the 10th and final season), he's one step away from putting in the suit. I suspect he already have it, too. I'm a bit concerned that they put so many cameos in, as it could take the focus away from Clark. Heck, even in the last episode, Chloe mentioned meeting a high-tech playboy and a wonderous woman. Hm... wonder who she meant? :p But it's a great show that focus more on DC lore than Clark lore. Enjoy the ride. :)
Smallville was written well, and it was really enjoyable. Good cast. I like Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman but I also found I really liked Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. It was one of my favorite shows when it first aired.