2.15: Interregnum Part II


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Mike Vejar

Summary: In the action-packed, two-part season ender of Jeremiah, Thunder Mountain faces war as Daniel’s forces close in. Enemy troops pin Markus down while Jeremiah and Kurdy run outside operations from Milhaven. Lee Chen begs to return to his security post and his loyalty is an important issue because some of Daniel’s forces have infiltrated Thunder Mountain itself. Tensions are already high when Mister Smith tells Jeremiah something he needs to know but cannot bear, driving Smith to a potentially-fatal attempt to set things right.

As Sims closes in, Lee Chen needs to find out who is sabotaging equipment at Thunder Mountain. Erin worries about an exhausted Markus and divulges a secret she meant to keep. Outside, the secret that put Smith in danger sends Jeremiah on a deadly — and very private — mission. While Kurdy prepares the troops and wonders where the attack will come, Markus hopes the truth will shake Daniel’s troops and give the Alliance a way to win against immense odds. The future is about to be born. Only its shape remains uncertain.

The Part II and Season Finale was awesome. Is a shame that it could be the last or Series Finale, the good point is that the end isn't exactly a definitive end so they could continue with it. I was a little dissapointed on how easy Jeremiah finish Sims. The have been building on his character and Jeremiah grudge with him and I think they finish it too soon and too easy. I wonder is Sims was sending messages like Jeremiah, since at the beginning of the scene of their fight he throws a paper into the water. :lol:

One of the best part of this episode was Sims reaction to Markus news about Daniel's true and his confrontation with the founder.

It was a surprise to learn that the girl that give Kurdy a message about the Big Death is Mr. Smith daughter. :D

The scene of Erin with Markus when she thinks he's sleeping and tell him about her feelings was very touching and the dance scene was very cute.

I just love the interrogation methods of Lee Chen and how he gets the true from the man of Daniel's troops. :lol:

Krystal :p

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