2.13: State of The Union


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: Sara (Samm) Barnes
Directed By: Milan Cheylov

Summary: When Kurdy and Mister Smith set out to deliver radios to Alliance communities, they decide to invite Jeremiah to join them in the run to nearby Three Hills. They expect it to be a like a vacation but, with Sims and his troops nearby, it won’t be. When the trio arrives at Three Hills, they find the town devastated and Sandor, its leader, murdered. The area has been planted with land mines. Daniel’s forces have declared war.

Smith, still troubled by the facts behind Libby’s death, tells Kurdy the truth. Now two of them carry a dark secret.

Thunder Mountain begins having problems with radio reception. With Kurdy’s garbled message from Three Hills on his mind, Markus is concerned. There is a lot to be concerned about. Sims is attacking towns one by one and building a tower to jam the Alliance’s radio communications. Jeremiah, Kurdy and Smith find the tower and devise a desperate plan to take it out. Success may not matter unless they also figure out what Sims’ target really is.

This episode was just awesome, seeing Daniel's troops advancing and getting nearer to the Thunder Mountain domain and the "vacation" of Jeremiah, Kurdy and Mr. Smith turning into an important mision when they have to destroy the jamming tower of Daniel's troops. Also we learn more about Sims' character.

Krystal :p