support tremors,toxic avenger,killerklownz,darkman and all the rest as toys!


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Sep 21, 2004
Hello! Im new toy the boards and have some great news.Thiers a company called SOTA and they have made both films and toys of excellent quality.THey are producing a line called "NOW PLAYING" and its going to include al the great cult classic films! some of which include the toxic avenger,tremors,killer klownz from outer space and many others they have mentioned(thiers an awesome american warewolf in london fig)and they need are help to get these figures i stores.THe problem is stores think the only films that will sell figures are the big names,I for one (and I hope you all agree) do not think this at all and think its pure ****.If you all would be so kind as you send e-mails,post topics and do everything you can to spread the word on this line you can help get the on the shelves.hers some helpfull info-call this for suncoast store locator and start some trouble-1-888-606-3342

replay is 1-888-replay1

gift cards is 1-800-371-4428

hel emails go to

gamestop is 1-817-424-2000

addy 2250 William D tate Avenue,Grapevine TX 76051Suncaost store locator number is-1-888-606-3342 It may lead to somthing else.
thier gift card number is 1-800-371-4428

their replay number is 1-888-replay1

thier help email is

Ill eit this with towers

gamestops corparate headquaters number is 1-817-424-2000
thier address is
2250 William D tate Avenue,Grapevine TX 76051

Tower records is
916-373-3050 Outside US
Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., US Pacific Time

and for store inqweries its
Mts., Inc.
Tower Records
2500 Del Monte Street
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Phone (916) 373-2500 in the name directory dial 946 for kevin winnink

To cancel or make changes to an order you have already submitted

For questions about orders or order status

For Classical inquiries and recommendations
Inquiries or comments regarding Tower Records retail locations

All other questions (i.e. non-Classical product questions, policy questions, comments, help...)

these are towers e-mails
If you hit all of them it will creat a buzz faster.

spencers is



eb is
If you would like to speak to a Customer Service representative for any reason, please call us at 1-877-432-9675. Hours of operation: Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am to midnight EST. . Calls are toll-free from the United States and Canada. Please send e-mail inquiries to

If you didn't find what you needed here, feel free to call our Customer Service center at 1-877-432-9675 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. If you prefer, contact us by e-mail. Hours of operation: Open 7 days a week, 8:00 am to midnight EST.

more edits to come,im going to start calling and mailing. THanks!!!!

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